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Baby’s First Kit

23 Jul

villa-royal-babyWell, as I’m sure you may have heard by now the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had their (as yet unnamed) baby boy yesterday. Prince William in addition to being the FA president is a professed Aston Villa fan. So Villa sent along a little prezzie for the bebe. (via WAATPies)

– Lozil

Becks & Legos: A Perfect Combination

5 Jul

This is freaking fabulous! It’s David Beckham’s career highlights in Lego form. (Via WAATPies) Gotta admit, I got a bit verklempt at the end. MoriPictures1982 did an amazing job – it took 2300 pictures to make the animation.  Check out another one from the same artist. Continue reading

La Roja As Ninos

2 Jul

Before we unleash the massive amount of La Roja bebe parade pictures we have on you, Marca posted this compilation of pix of the team as young’uns. Many of them are easy to pick out of the line up, but just in case, here’s the run down. Continue reading

Where My Ninjas At? (And Other Bits & Bobs)

19 Apr

Right here, apparently. The chill weather has brought the return of the ninja look to Valdebebas just as we were hoping for sleeveless shirts and training legs. No matter, I’ll take my Blancos in cloak-and-dagger mode anyday. Continue reading

Glad I’m Not The Only One Who Noticed That!

24 Mar

I was hoping that someone  would gif this moment. Check out what the Malaga physio is doing! Way to help the player off the field, eh? I mean, if I had realized this was a legitimate move, I would have reassessed my schooling options. However, it seems more like Weligton will have to show the club director on the doll where the bad man touched him. This comes via the ever wonderful Who Ate All The Pies.

What Good Fun! Heinken Pranks Footy Fans

7 Mar

I saw this vid first on the ever wonderful Who Ate All The Pies. Heinken pranked a bunch of footy fans to promote their Champions League Trophy Tour. When the fans checked into their hotel room (which was chock full of hidden cameras)., they found the Champions League trophy awaiting them. Cue grown men acting like gleeful adolescents – posing for pictures, dancing around with the Cup on their head a la Ramos (brave!) and generally acting like goofballs. It’s nothing short of adorable. Me? After I got enough pictures, I would have grabbed that thang and sprinted all the way to Madrid with it. 😉 Continue reading

Kaka to London?

11 May

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot. Kaka’s mother, Simone Leite,  tweeted the following: ”We are going to be in London next season where we will be preaching the word of God. We will be there from August – I can tell you.”

Well, then…guess the cat may be out of the bag. I’m sure that The Powers That Be are just thrilled with Simone blabbing Kaka’s future plans.  Who At All The Pies? suggests that Chelsea will be grabbing him, but there are also mutterings about Man City. What do y’all think?

Quick Bits and Bobs – UPDATED

4 May

The day here in NYC is just as rainy and gloomy as it was at Camp Nou yesterday.  However, I look far less appealing in wet clothing, so I’m staying inside, drinking tea and pouting because it’s cold.
Continue reading