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Play Like a Girl: SheBelieves, Algarve, and Cyprus Cups

10 Feb

1471474930699It’s almost March which means it is time to get ready for the Triwizard’s Cup of women’s football once more. But, not really. Over a 9-day period in March, three (3) tournaments are taking place in Cyprus, Portugal, and the USA for 28 national women’s football teams. Which is sorta like a Triwizard-esque event. But, again, not really. :^)

Cyprus Cup
Officially, the Cyprus Cup runs February 27 – March 9 though matches are taking place March 1 – 8 only. Unlike its companion tournaments, this Cup holds a group stage to determine group positions based on points followed by one day of classification matches to determine final rankings.

The twelve invited teams are split into three (3) groups. The participating teams are as follows, along with their current FIFA ranking:

Group A
Belgium, 25; Italy, 16; Korea DPR, 10; Switzerland, 17

Group B
Austria, 24 (current champions); Korea Rep, 18; New Zealand, 19; Scotland, 21

Group C
Czech Rep, 33; Rep.of Ireland, 34; Hungary, 40; Wales, 36

There are no announced broadcasts at the moment, though there was one stream available last year for the final.

4197lAlgarve Cup
Taking place March 1 – 8 in Portugal, the Algarve Cup is in its 24th year of operation. This year’s tournament should be a hotly contested one, with top EU teams gearing up for UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 in Netherlands in July.

The twelve invited teams are split into three (3) groups for a round-robin tournament with the winner determined based on the standard points systems. The participating teams are as follows, including their FIFA ranking:

Group A
Canada, 4 (current champions); Denmark, 15; Russia, 23; Portugal, 38

Group Two
Iceland, 20; Japan, 7; Norway, 11; Spain, 14

Group Three
Australia, 6; Sweden, 8; Netherlands, 12; China PR, 13

Eurosport has broadcast this tournament in the past; a search for this year’s schedule has proven fruitless thus far.

canadavencealgarvecupSheBelieves Cup
Is the unofficial slogan for this year’s SheBelieves Cup, “she persisted”? If not, it really, really should be. Timely and extremely relevant when it comes to women’s football. I highly encourage anyone able to attend any of these games to consider some signage.

Four of the top 5 FIFA-ranked teams are involved again this year: France (3), England (5), Germany (2), and the USA (1). This tournament is also a round robin, with the winner determined based on the standard points system.

Games are taking place in Chester, PA (March 1); Harrison, NJ (March 4); and Washington DC (March 7). Tickets for all the games are available through USSoccer.com.

It looks like Fox Sports will be airing the USA games only. French broadcasters D17 and Canal + Sport along with the BBC picked up all or some of the other games last year. Hopefully they will do the same this year.

160309-wnt-vs-ger-gallery21If anyone is going to any of these tournament, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below or connect on Twitter @hbandsandhbreak.


Anne O’Brien, Football Pioneer

17 Jan

anne-obrienI stumbled across the story of Anne O’Brien awhile ago and, when doing more research, was saddened to hear of her passing this past August. When people talk of pioneers in women’s football, here’s one almost lost to the wind. Continue reading

India’s Referee Trailblazer

31 Jul

uvena-fernandes-refereeUvena Fernandes deserves all the congratulations. She is India’s first female referee to be appointed as an officiate at a FIFA World Cup. Woohoo! She’ll be wielding the whistle and cards at the U-17 Women’s World Cup in Jordan this Fall. Fernandes is also only the second referee from India to participate in any FIFA World Cup, women’s or men’s. Can you say…trailblazer? Continue reading

Danish Football and Voice of Girls

24 Jul

The Danish Football Association released the results of their “Pigernes Stemme” (Voice of Girls) study earlier this year. The objectives of this study were to identify how to better promote women’s football in Denmark and how to recruit and retain young girls into the sport. Continue reading

CONCACAF Rio 2016 Bound!

28 Feb

The 2016 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship wrapped up on February 21 with more whimper than bang. Unless you were on the USA team then you may have a few bruises which would suggest otherwise. Nevertheless, as expected the final featured USA vs Canada and while the former team showed up to play, the latter, well, were tactically wanting. And that’s all I’ll say on this particular topic. Continue reading

“We think football is for everyone”

13 Feb


“In Italy, we are behind…We need to make big steps. Not little steps. Big ones.” You might think this quote is related to any number of topics involving Italy and football. Racism. Homophobia. Embezzlement. All fair considerations. Also fair is sexism and attitudes towards women’s football. Continue reading

Inaugural SheBelieves Cup and Other Cup Fun

18 Jan

The U.S. Soccer Federation recently announced the creation of a new women’s football tournament. Called the “SheBelieves Cup,” it stems from the SheBelieves initiative initiated last May by the Federation in support of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. For those unaware, SheBelieves “is a movement to inspire young girls and encourage them to accomplish all their goals and dreams, athletic or otherwise.”
Continue reading

Qualifying Road to Rio 2016

17 Jan

Wow, it feels like at least a year has passed since I last wrote something here. I went into a hibernation of sorts starting in July after the WWC and only started to emerge late in the year. Last fall was heavy with many personal and professional challenges, and I must admit football fell far away from my attention span. I did write down a few items during the hibernation which may wind their way onto the blog at some point. But for now, I want to get everyone refocused on women’s football for just a (large) smidge.


Did you know a mini-WWC is about to happen? Continue reading

‘Tis the World of Men: Women Don’t Play Football

28 Sep

The following is a guest post from one of my fellow volunteers from the 2015 Women’s World Cup. She and I randomly started talking one day, a conversation which led me to interviewing her for our volunteer newsletter. It was during the interview I learned of her experiences being a female footballer living in London, and I (of course) just had to ask her if she’d be interested in sharing here. So happy she was and now has. The more stories female players share, the better off the sport will become.

-hopechaser Continue reading

Cut 2 The Chase

26 Jun

Canada_Olympic_Logo_RebrandThanks to watishista hopechaser, I just discovered the Cut 2 The Chase podcast which covers the women’s game and I’m having a listen right now.  It features interviews with players, coaches and administrators sharing stories of their experiences in the game.  For the Spanish speakers, there’s an interview with Verónica Boquete. All the rest are in English. Cut 2 The Chase is currently raising money on IndieGoGo to fund a trip to the last week of the Women’s World Cup to conduct interviews. If you can, help them out with a donation (I did) and if you’re a bit skint at the moment, share the link to their campaign with your friends and on your social media feeds. Let’s help them reach their goal! And of course, make sure you swing by and give them a listen.

– Lozil