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The Same Game

17 Sep

overviewI came across The Same Game organization back in August while doing some research on the U-20 Women’s World Cup. The mission of the organization is “to combat prejudice and discrimination against women in soccer through promoting awareness. We are an organization of players, coaches and fans of soccer worldwide working in conjunction to eliminate inequality in the beautiful game.” Continue reading

U-20 Women’s World Cup Recap

7 Sep

It took a disallowed goal and extra-time in the final game, but in the end Germany lifted their third U-20 Women’s World Cup (and their second World Cup of 2014) August 24. Continue reading

Playmaker Showcase

14 Aug

2014_FIFA_U-20_Women's_World_Cup_logoI’ve brought you a couple great goals here and here, and a horrible tackle and one bloody nose here from the U-20 Women’s World Cup thus far. To wrap up the group stage, I’ll now bring you a few plays/playmakers deserving of some attention as well. Continue reading

Friday’s Alright for Injuries

12 Aug

Every football game carries equally the potential for the spectacular and for the horrific. Take the USA vs Brazil match last Friday during the U-20 Women’s World Cup. USA managed to secure the win with a late goal but not before plenty of bumps, shoves, and injuries were littered around the pitch. The worst injury involved USA midfielder Mallory Pugh, captured in the photo above. And if you think this photo looks bad, take a look at the video: Continue reading

Just Dribble and Shoot

9 Aug

2418778_full-lndThe U-20 Women’s World Cup has offered up another spectacular goal for our enjoyment. This one comes courtesy of forward Bethany Mead, who unleashed this 30-yard blast during England’s 1-1 draw vs Mexico on Saturday: Continue reading

Bend it Like Lavogez

6 Aug

French footballer Claire Lavogez laid down her claim for goal of the year Wednesday by finishing a nifty pass play with this beauty: Continue reading

2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Mini-Preview

3 Aug

Becoming bored with the pre-season club friendlies? Unnecessarily stressed over all the transfer hijinks happening overseas? How about taking a break from all that, and spend some time with the young women participating in the U-20 Women’s World Cup this summer. Continue reading