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The Only Constant Is Change

20 Jul

First off, I must thank the ever amazing hopechaser for single-handedly covering the World Cup and doing such a brilliant job at it. She is a true star and the best watishista correspondent that a girl could ask for. She’s been holding down the fort at a time where I’m just not capable of doing so and I am very grateful.

I’m not good with change and that’s an understatement. I’ve been going through massive change in my personal life which is why I haven’t been around this summer. While I feel that all the upheaval will ultimately be beneficial, it doesn’t make the process any easier. So when my team has been going through similar changes, it has been very difficult for me to write about. Continue reading

World Cup 2018: Belgium Take Third Place

14 Jul
Embed from Getty Images

And so the Golden Generation is bronzed with an easy victory over England to nab third place. Congratulations Belgium! Continue reading

World Cup 2018 – Group Stage Game 1s Mini Recap

21 Jun

Mesmerized. That’s what you’re feeling right now. Or maybe it’s just what I’m feeling. Naaaaaahhhh, you are too. Join me in the shallow end of the pool, won’t you.

Someone asked me to tell them the hottest players at the World Cup and I told them to just google the Icelandic team. I’m not wrong.

{The mesmerizer above, btw, is Icelandic midfielder/model Rúrik Gíslason. His instagram follower count has increased by 400,000+ since the Germany vs Iceland match on Saturday. Hmmm mmmm. We’re all in the shallow end of the pool.} Continue reading

The Daily Drool – World Cup 2018 Group A – Russia: Igor Akinfeev

2 Jun

Goalkeeper Igor plays for CSKA Moscow, which he captains. He has represented Russia at the U21 and senior level (he captains the latter as well).

Second Session Of The Week

10 Oct

The internationals are, for the most part, still away but Los Blancos continue to prepare for Saturday’s match vs. Getafe. Continue reading