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Abs Be Gone!

15 Jul

Will the ridiculousness never end?!?! That The Washington Post picked up this story makes it even moreso. If nothing else, I suppose this is proof the whole ‘real-or-photoshopped’ debate is not limited to just women?


Jingle (Not) Bells

7 Dec

So who had the great idea to have Cristiano do Jingle Bells with household sounds? Yeah, I’m not sure either.  But here you are anyhow. It’s Cris shilling his headphones. Enjoy?

– Lozil

Blancos Lend A Hand To Julio Iglesias…

1 Nov

…and hilarity ensues. Mad props to watishista Katie Ann for posting this to Twitter and mygypsyspirit for letting me know because this is pants-wetting hysteria at its best.

Cristiano, Iker, Raul, Figo and other celebs (Pepe Reina, Vicente Del Bosque, Rafa Nadal, Jose Merce, etc.) lip sync a song from Julio’s new album seemingly on Skype with Microsoft Movie Maker graphics. Let’s put it this way, these guys would make really bad drag queens with those lip syncing skillz (well, that’s one reason, also Del Bosque’s mustache). It’s UNBELIEVABLE (and excruciating). And if you thought poor Iker was uncomfortable and awkward in these situations before, well, let’s just say you’re in for a treat. And seriously, how did Sergio not end up in this? Was he too busy to Face Time? I am weeping. This made my Sunday.

– Lozil

Something That Made My Day: Zlatan Perfume

16 Jun

Okay, when I stop laughing, perhaps I’ll be able to have coherent thoughts about what this smells like. Ligonberries & victory? Zlatan sweat & tears of those not worthy? I can’t even. I just know that I’m all in. (In case you’re wondering, the logo comes from his back tattoos.)

– Lozil

When The Photo Doesn’t Exactly Match The Caption

12 Jun

Grumpy FranceI cracked up when I saw this on the FIFA site this morning. The article is discussing Les Bleues excellent team spirit and the picture looks anything but. (Click to see it larger) Use your brains, and your eyes, FIFA promo people. Then again, I do enjoy the occasional unintentionally hilarious moment so…

– Lozil


Marcelo, Isco, Gareth & Dani Get Manly For Nivea

9 Jun

Watishista hopechaser linked me to the last Nivea for Men commercial and I nearly peed my pants laughing. Dani Carvajal + a chainsaw + a stoic background wolf, FTW! Check it out for all the lumberjackin’, arm wrestlin’, tornado chasin’ action!

A much needed laugh today. Thanks, girl!

– Lozil

No Excuse For This Nonsense

10 May

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So this happened. And if you think Mesut looks ridiculous in this shot, please do click through because it gets worse. Continue reading

Updated: The End Of The Season Is Coming Sooner Than We Thought

6 May

la_liga_logoWatishista mygypsyspirit just texted me this news: All Spanish domestic football games will be suspended as of May 16 due to a dispute with the government. Continue reading

FIFA Being Sued

15 Aug

Carlos-VelascoBut not for what you think. Continue reading

I Love a Smiling Face

7 Aug

Woohoo – Cris’ commercials for the Facial Fitness Pao and the ReFa Active have arrived! The former is what that weird blade thingy Cris is holding in the picture is called and the latter is a male genitalia-esque hand-held massager. I really could not make this up. Continue reading