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La Roja Workin’ For The Weekend

6 Jun

We’re only two days away now!! AHHHHHH!!! La Roja got to holding their first training session in Poland today, with equal parts working hard & hardly working…just how we likey. Or maybe you don’t care about training right now & all you care about is how Sergio’s hair is holding up. Well I can assure you its lookin’……it’s lookin’ um….well it’s lookin’. Continue reading

The Boys get to Trainin’

1 May

There were lots and lots of smiles at training today as the team made their final preparations for tomorrow’s match against Bilbao. Jogging, check. Stretching, check. Drills, check. Thumbs up, shorts hiked up, making bromance partners jealous, check check check! Continue reading

Working for the Weekend

10 Feb

I say every training session should start off with a look from Crisepe & a look at Cris’ manty lines. Bum, bum, bums were everywhere as the boys prepared for Sunday’s match against Levante. Twenty one first teamers plus Castilla bunnies Mejias and Merchan took to the field to train with Mou, Rui, & Silvino Louro, while injured Lass & Altintop trained indoors. Continue reading

A Moment Of Xabi/Training/ Aitor Meets The Press

3 Feb

RealMadrid.com had this as their front page today. There really might not be anything prettier than Xabi breathing in the universe, methinks.  It’s a good thing that they offered this up because, by and large, the training pictures are a crashing bore.
Continue reading

Ballon d’Or Pics

9 Jan

Here are the pics from tonight’s Ballon d’Or ceremony, everyone looked lovely but….there would’ve been a LOT more lovely people up in there if our boys & coach were present! 😉 Continue reading

Merry Christmas, enjoy the Cendeer!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Good Morning…erm Good Afternoon/Evening to our Watishistas everywhere!!! Why the question mark you ask? Who am I to neglect the element of surprise? 😉 Digital prezzies after the jump… Continue reading

As Perfect As Her Husband

21 Jul

Nagore Aranburu is impossible to hate because she’s elegant, cool and down to earth just like her hubby, Xabi Alonso.  Granted, their perfection sometimes makes one want to throw oneself off a cliff because one can’t measure up (ahem), but “one” -and I mean “me” – certainly doesn’t begrudge them because they’re just too darn nice. Glamour Espana featured an article/photo shoot with Nagore by Javier Salas. Photos after the jump.  The wonderful unamadridista provides a translation of the article. Continue reading