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It’s Official: Xavi Really Got Married

13 Jul

tumblr_mpw3k3p0BU1rct3fqo1_500Well will you look at that? Xavi’s 2012 Summer of Love stuck! It’s just been a year (almost to the day) that we first set eyes on his lady (at the bottom of this post) and watched while their relationship progressed. Today Xavi and the lovely Núria Cunillera wed at the Marimurtra Botanical Gardens in Blanes, Spain. Continue reading

Updated: Tuesday Bits & Bobs, Part I (Cesc, Leo, Mesut & Victor)

9 Jul

tumblr_mpnapa5PcA1so227bo1_1280What a great picture of Lia and her papi! What a cutie she is! She definitely takes after her father.

Well, there’s about a bazillion pictures of Cesc, Lia, Daniella, Antonella, Thiago Chin Puddle and they’ve now been joined by Leo & Pinto. So I’m just going to dump these all here for you to look through. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Victor Valdes

30 Apr

9766-victor-valdes-revista-dt_6We’ve come to the end of Drool Amnesty. I’m sorry that I couldn’t fit everyone’s in to the month – but we’ll save some for next time. Maybe we need to have at least a week of Amnesty twice a year? Anyway, Victor Valdes was the number one request for Drool Amnesty. I think watishista mygypsyspirit expressed it best (and most hilariously) as to what makes Valdes the essence of Drool Amnesty: “I just want to have hate sex with him. I’d make him wear the Barca jersey just to intensify my epic hate. His brow makes him look angry at all times and I would use that to my advantage. I’d whisper Di Maria’s name in his ear just to piss him off. Remind him he’s still third choice for Spain, and that Fernando Torres scored against him in Champions League. The angrier the better….Continue reading

The Ladies of La Roja

21 Jun


A couple days ago, this teaser was released by Elle Espana, it’s for the Las Mujeres de La Roja campaign and six beautiful ladies of La Roja were chosen to take part in it. One thing that I love about it is that they didn’t go for the most popular wives & girlfriends! We get to see Alicia Roig – wife of Raul Albiol, Carlota Ruiz – wife of Alvaro Arbeloa, Yolanda Cardona – girlfriend of Victor Valdes, Ursula Santirso – girlfriend of Santi Cazorla, Carolina Martin – girlfriend of Pedro Rodriguez, and Yolanda Ruiz – wife of Pepe Reina. For Ursula & Carolina, it was their first time in a fashion mag and I don’t know why because they look absolutely gorgeous, especially in their red outfits. And lucky for all of us today, we’ve got translations thanks to Watishista Flora, she’s awesome! Continue reading