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Upcoming Match for Peace

28 Aug

Back in early August Lozil brought you news of the Pope organizing the Interreligious Match for Peace or Partita Per La Pace. The match is scheduled to be played on September 1 at Stadio Olympico in Rome at 8:45pm local time (10:45am EST). Continue reading

Pope Francis Organizes Footy Match For Peace

12 Aug

Vatican Pope's TeamSoccer lovin’ pontiff Pope Francis (seen here with a kit from the team he supports, San Lorenzo) has gathered together soccer stars past and present to play a match for peace between Israelis & Palestinians. Continue reading

Mid-day Update

10 Jul

BO02-MjCQAEGGGwOkay, it’s only mid-day because I never seem to make it to bed until the wee hours. Here’s a couple of things and more later.

Calleti & Marta were snapped in Napoli where he underwent a physical today. I’m sure the pictures of his contract signing, etc. will be out soon. (Via @NapoliSphera) Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Fingers, Chubby Cheeks, Welcome To NY And More

27 Jul

David Luzi has been all about the fingers lately. He posted a couple of instagram shots featuring creative use of one’s digits. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Beginnings, Endings, Stages And Much More

15 Jul

Hello all – hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. Here’s Sergio and his friend, the matador Talavante at Mirian’s wedding (via BlueNicole). More pictures after the jump.  Continue reading

Yossi Benayoun Subjected To Anti-Semitic Abuse In Malaysia

29 Jul

This whole sad, sorry incident took place during Chelsea’s pre-season tour.  Malaysia does not recognize the state of Israel and Yossi is apparently the first Israeli national to have played there. Not the warmest of receptions, to say the least. Complaints were filed, half assed apologies were made. Read on…
Continue reading