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Good Cause Alert: Gay4Soccer’s You Can Play World Cup 2014 Fundraiser

13 May

you-can-playAwesome blog Gay4Soccer is doing a fantastic fundraiser for a wonderful & important organization, the You Can Play Project. Continue reading

Wednesday Training, Doctor Visits, Meeting the Press And More

2 Jan
Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (2)

We highly approve of the new sex beard, Arbeloa!

Arbeloa has decided to join the Sexy Scruff Brigade and we couldn’t be more pleased. Granted, we’re a fan of him clean shaven as well. Not much the man can do to annoy (except avoid Albiol). I see you, Calleti, admiring the scruff! Bromancing is off and running in 2013.

Sorry this has taken so long to get up on the website today – it’s been hella busy at work and this is the first free moment I’ve really had. Continue reading

UPDATED: Thank You, Toronto FC, DC United & Dutch FA!

3 Dec

I was delighted to see Toronto FC had made a video for the wonderful You Can Play Project which works to create a safe environment for gay athletes. Their motto is direct: “If you can play, you can play.” And it should be that simple, shouldn’t it? Sadly it’s not. Toronto FC’s spot is terrific and multilingual. I really wish more teams would make videos like this. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Guti Clears Up Some Misinformation And More

20 Jul

The media has been saying that Guti retired for a couple of weeks now. However, I refused to believe it until I heard it from the man himself. Well, today he set the record straight after Punto Pelota posted a story saying that River Plate had made him an offer and because of Romina being from Argentina that a move might be in the cards. Guti don’t play that shit. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Beginnings, Endings, Stages And Much More

15 Jul

Hello all – hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. Here’s Sergio and his friend, the matador Talavante at Mirian’s wedding (via BlueNicole). More pictures after the jump.  Continue reading

Welcome To My Shit List, Antonio Cassano

12 Jun

Former Real Madrid (now Milan) striker opened his mouth today in a presser and spewed forth homophobic bullshit. Continue reading

Fighting The Good Fight: You Can Play – The Faceoff

9 Mar

I know this is hockey-related (hey, never hurts to look at Henrik Lundqvist, now does it?) but the message is very important. Continue reading