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Last Day Of Artist Sign Ups For Futbal Mini-Bang Is January 18!

17 Jan

FjZeINQTomorrow is the last day to sign up to be an artist for the Futbal Mini-Bang! Remember artists may create: ART, GIFSETS, VIDS, GRAPHICS (PHOTOMANIPS, BANNERS), FANMIXES (8 TRACK MIN, WITH COVER ART + TRACK LISTING), PODFICS or CRAFTS (PUPPETS, LEGO INSTALLATIONS, DIORAMAS?) or anything else your creative little heart desires! artist sign-ups close at 11:59 EST Saturday, January 18. Head on over here and claim a fic while you’re still able! I’m going to be mixing for the Mini Bang and who knows what else. It’s a lot of fun – join us!

– Lozil

Calling All Footy Fic Writers, Artists, Mixers, Etc. – It’s Futbal Mini-Bang!

28 Dec

I know plenty of y’all out there are creative types so listen up! Along with my dear watishista kfunk22 (who came up with the idea), I will be modding Futbal Mini-Bang. And it’s not just for writers. If you’ve never participated in anything like this before, I can recommend it as a great way dip your toe into the fandom waters. Read on… Continue reading