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Get Out The Tissues: Calleti Says So Long For Now

12 Jul

CallejýnCalleti sent a special message to fans on the mothership. What a lovely guy he is! I’m going to miss him. Continue reading

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: Awards, A Case of Mistaken Identity, Kaka Kraziness, Puppies!, Bebes! And More

28 Oct

While I’ve been working, lots of bits and bobs have piled up so let’s start with Iker and his new Instagram fetish, shall we? He posted some shots from the Prince of Asturias awards. Continue reading

Classy Iker Is Classy

2 Jul

Watishista blackwidow sent this in earlier this evening. It’s video of Iker asking the ref to blow the final whistle and not add 3 minutes of the  injury time out of respect for Italy who were down to 10 men and 4 goals behind. Here’s more from the ever wonderful Brooks Peck of Dirty Tackle. Iker, straight up class.

– Lozil

Updated: Bless You, Puyi.

25 Jun

It’s just come out that Carles Puyol had been quietly paying for all the cancer treatment for Miki Roque. They met at the Dexeus Clinic and became friends. Turns out that Miki’s mother was raised in the same town that Puyi was from: La Pobla de Segur. Puyol wore an “Anims Miki!” shirt after the Champions League final in 2011 in support of his friend but he kept the extent of his involvement in Miki’s care well out of the press. According to the article, he was very influential with the doctors and clinic throughout Miki’s treatment. You are a class act, Puyi and I am so sorry for your loss. I know you must be grieving your friend right now, but I am sure that your support, both financial and emotional, was a godsend for Miki and his family during his fight.  You’re a good man.

Updated: How big of an impact was Puyol’s support? Well, Betis was selling wristbands to fans to help pay for Roque’s operation and treatment. The club wanted to pay for it all but the financial situation made it impossible, so the fans chipped in to help the young man and his family.  Puyi stepping in must have made a huge difference financially.

– Lozil

Restoring My Faith In Humanity

15 Apr

On a day when some doucheweed morons who claim to be fans of Chelsea booed and jeered during the moment of silence for Piermario Morosini and the victims of Hillsborough, one man has restored my faith in humanity. Udinese captain and Drool alum Antonio Di Natale has announced that he will assume guardianship for the severely handicapped sister of Piermario Morosini. Continue reading