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Prepare Thyselves for the Ultimate Cuteness!

29 May

harper beckham

Oh. My. GAWDDDDD! The cuteness is killing me! Daddy Beckham & bebe Harper took in a Kings game, at the Staples Center, last night and were caught on the kiss cam. If the picture alone hasn’t completely melted you, just wait until you see the video. Harper’s got some sweet little dance moves too!

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Being Liverpool

13 Oct

Watishista Allison let us know about the Being Liverpool documentary, currently running on Fox Sports, and more importantly, that it featured half nekkie Pepe Reina! I don’t follow Liverpool, but I follow the nekkie, so this doc will be gaining another viewer tomorrow night! New episodes air on Sunday nights at 9pm, but if you’ve missed an episode or don’t get the channel, I’m posting links after the jump. This first little snippet is of Pepe Reina at home with his bebes. You’ll see that Grecia is a girl with spunk, Baby Luca will melt your everythang with his “mummma mummmma and Papa Pepe will melt your everythang with his everythang! More bebes please! Continue reading