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Ready for Alavés

1 Apr

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We Did It

27 May

Oh my, oh my, I’m still feeling this way, three days later. What a freakin’ RIDE that match was. I’m pretty sure RM had us feeling every emotion known to man, during the course of those 120 or so minutes. Fear, sadness, anger, shock, hope, happiness, ecstasy, it was all that and thankfully not in the opposite order! We did it, we did it, we did it! It’s so good to be a Madridista.

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2 May
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Final Whistle Means Party Time a.k.a Drunk Xabi Time

19 Apr

I love that once the title is secured, we know exactly what to expect next….locker room dancing, heavily gif’d shenanigans (bless the giffers!), and DRUNK XABI. A win just wouldn’t be the same without the latter!

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18 Apr


We….did….IT!!!!! Faq, it feels good to have a trophy again, doesn’t it?? I still don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet. Not that I didn’t think the boys could do it, they just stir up a whirlwind of emotions & it takes time for me to process all the cray! And by cray I mean watching the celebrations, anticipating a Copa accident, and then being slightly disappointed that the thing made it out alive… But shit….now that we have one, let’s go for a fuckin’ clean sweep. The treble, boys, THE TREBLE!

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Champions League Action Here We Come

1 Apr

Show us what ya got!

Final training session before CL quarter finals tomorrow? Check. Another player to add to our growing list of injured boys? Check. Seriously, can we STOP with the injuries please?? It’s like everytime someone is close to rejoining the team, we find ourselves with another player on the way out. Ugh.

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Training, Chatty Dani, & Shadow Puppets?

31 Mar

Zi-zou bisou bisou!

It looks like somebody is wanting, nay needing, to get a closer look at the pretty that is Zizou! We saw what the extra friendly behavior did for the boys against Rayo, if Benz needs the extra lurve from his mentor to make things happen against Dortmund, then so be it! Do it for the goals!

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Sunday Training & Checking Up On Sami!

30 Mar


Nothing like a 5-0 win to put everyone in the best of spirits, right? Let’s see some of that goal power against Dortmund! Yep, there’s no pause for these guys, they launched straight into preparations for the CL action this week. No rest for the wickedly talented.

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Thursday Feels Like Monday

27 Mar


Well, yesterday was a bust and I’m not really in the mood to be hopeful yet….though Arbeloa is desperately trying to get us there with his motivational quotes. Then again, I’m never too down in the dumps to NOT open a post with a booty shot. Thanks Isco.

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A Few More Bits From Training & More Bad News For Jese

25 Mar

Ok, I take back what I said about Pepe being afraid of the golf cart….Cris’ driving isn’t just fast, its crazy! With the sharp turns he was making at practice, I’m surprised anyone managed to stay on the thing!

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