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All Set To Take Our Frustration Out On Sevilla

25 Mar


It looks like everyone is feeling the need for speed, except for Pepe. Look at that poor, little, gloved grip on the side of the golf cart! He probably would’ve jumped out if Benz was in the driver’s seat 馃槈 Given the weekend we had, it really is nice to see the boys in such good spirits. I know the smiles are helping me move on, that still doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them tear into Sevilla tomorrow!

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F*ckin’ Clasico

25 Mar
Embed from Getty Images

Xabi has got the facial expression right, but Modric & Pepe are holding up way too many fingers…Undiano deserved just one. I really, really, really thought I was going to be writing a victory recap. I didn’t think it just before the match had started, but during it too (up until the 2nd half bullshit started). When Benz had scored his brace in just four freaking minutes, I was like “WE GOT THIS! LOOK AT OUR FIYAH!” But the fucker in yellow put out our fiyah and ruined what had started out as a really exciting and fun match.


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Top of La Liga and Kickin’ Ass in the Champions League

28 Feb

el smackdown madrileno

*Cue the dramatic music* Our last two matches… in two different competitions…our boys did great things and were rewarded BIG in return. El Smackdown Madrileno! Against Elche we took away the three points and did what?… Oh yeah, assumed our position at the top of La Liga! (with help from Real Sociedad, thank you!) Coming off of that high, it was time to get down to Champions League business. From what we saw on Wednesday, it looked like our boys not only wanted to do well, but also they were up for dishing out a spankin’! Ooh-wee kickin’ ass in Germany! With that, Real Madrid became the first team to score 6 away goals on German soil, in the history of the Champions League. (MisterChip) How’s that for a stat??

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Athletic Bilbuzzkill

4 Feb


Is it safe to say that this is was everyone’s reaction to all that went down during the Bilbao match? Minus the Isco smile of course. (I wonder who really is getting the bird from him though?) Some awful play acting from some of the Bilbuzzkill聽 men, a riDICK red card for Cristiano, the return of Varane (for a whole two minutes), and a stankin’ one point. Yep, this weekend wasn’t too hot. BOO!

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A Very Close One in Pamplona

17 Dec

Well, at least he gave us this booty shot before getting sent off…

There are very few times where I’m happy I missed a match and I gotta say, Saturday was one of those times. I was sitting, waiting for my sister’s graduation to begin (woot woot educated bitches!) and everytime my phone buzzed it was to alert me that somethang was goin’ wrong! A big miss for us, a big chance for Osasuna, another big miss for us…then we were losing 2-0 and down to 10 men. Ay ay ay ay ayyyyyyy! I remember the exact moment when I decided to give up calculating the point difference between us, Barca, & Atleti if we were to lose, put my phone away, and put a smile back on my face, like a proper, supportive, younger sister should do in that type of situation. Thankfully, our boys rallied to get a point out of Osasuna and I didn’t get in trouble for pouting through the post-graduation family meal. 馃檪

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Last Training of The Week, Ancelotti Loves Xabi, Zizou Loves Cris, & Hello Spandex!

6 Dec

“You think that will make the Watishistas love you even more?”

Booty stretches? Check. Last training session complete? Check, Check. Hello weekend & hello Copa del Rey! The boys have prepared all week and tomorrow they’ll take on Olimpic de Xativa at the La Murta Stadium.

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An Almeria Spankin’

26 Nov

Real Madrid's Gareth Bale celebrates with teammates after scoring against Almeria during their soccer match in Almeria

Fresh off of International Duty and our boys come back and smack Almeria with a manita. We love our goal-fests, so please keep them comin’!

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Commander Cristiano Leads Troops to Victory

2 Nov

Attention Troop Real Madrid, Commander Cristiano is on the pitch! I’m sure Sepp Blabber didn’t know what he was setting in motion when he made his comments, but he should think about sending an apology to Sevilla! Don’t piss off our Crissy, nuh uh. Aside from the drama, how amaaaaze was it watching an RM goal-fest again?? I love it! Can’t we use fury of a trophy-less season and the Spanish media circus to push us to bring the ass kicking to EVERY match?? Let’s do it Los Blancos.

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How ya like that Champions League action?

22 Sep


Hey if we can start the CL competition with a bang like this, I hope we can go out in the same style! And by out, I mean winning the whole damn thing of course. The final bang better be someone dropping our trophy! *hint hint Sergio*

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All You Need is One

29 Aug


Yes sir! One goal from Benz and we took the three points away from Granada. You can tell Benz is just loving life right now, “I score ze goals and ze peeple love me. Allo peeple!” I won’t take away from his moment and talk about how he can make us even happier….at least not just yet. 馃檪

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