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World Cup 2018: Ronaldo vs Ronaldon’t

9 Jul

As part of its World Cup ‘Believe’ campaign, Nike sat down with a few different players including Cristiano for a video series on various success topics. Of these videos, Cris’ are the best because, well, just watch: Continue reading

The Epilogue

26 Jun

::sniff sniff::

I feel about Ibra the same as I do about Buffon – NEVER. LEAVE. ME.


The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: David Luiz & Zlatan Ibrahimovic

9 Dec

BzCoySpIIAAZGrhI love how goofy David brings out the giddy in Zlatan, fearsome bastard that he is. Continue reading

You Never Forget Your First Love

23 Nov

Zlatan returns home when PSG takes on his first club, Malmö FF on Wednesday in the Champions League. This lovely interview (with English subtitles) shows his great love for the club and it’s nice to see Zlatan being so…sweet. He’s also made it possible for everyone to see the match by renting a huge screen and plopping it smack dab in the city’s main square. That’s pretty dang cool. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he’s got, he’s still Zlatan from the block.

– Lozil

Lukita Trains, Preppin’ For PSG & An Isco-view

19 Oct

Satellite (5)Returns all over the place! I’m back from a lovely weekend in Wilmington, NC where I attended the wedding of watishista correspondent Dr. P (who was a very beautiful bride) to the delightful AS. Mazel tov! In the bridal party were watishista Mandi and watishisto PLL who both looked fantastic. The ever peripatetic mygypsyspirit is on her way back from Madrid where she decided to do some eyewitness reporting at the match vs. Levante. And in team news, our beloved Lukita is back training with the team. Continue reading

Zlatan: Has Superpowers, Loves Apple Cake, Able To Swear In French

7 Sep

You know, I just live for this stuff. Zlatan, with his miles-wide shit eating grin, spends one minute answering questions and as ever, it’s supremely watchable.

– Lozil

Champions League Draw Results

27 Aug
UCL Draw

Click on the image to enlarge

Racing off to a meeting so apologies for the image size. Our UCL opponents will be PSG, Malmö & Shaktar Donetsk. Wow, we got Zlatan past and present!

Thoughts on the groups?

– Lozil


25 Aug

Not one, but three people sent me this on Facebook yesterday. Apparently, my “Zlove” is very well known indeed! (There’s a longer version here). And of course, make sure to follow @ZlatanFacts on Twitter for more hilarity.

– Lozil

Zlatan’s Zlerfume Ad Is Just What You’d Expect (And Then Some)

12 Aug

I’ve been waiting for a commercial or print campaign for Zlatan’s new perfume since he announced it in June. It came out today and exceeded expectations. It features  a koi swimming, flowers blooming, shots of Paris, a thumping beat and a sweaty Zlatan working that chiffon like he’s Katia Aveiro on da beach or in da club. Add that all together and I have no frigging clue what it smells like, but really, who cares? ZLATAN HAS HIS OWN PERFUME. Erm, or “zlerfume” if you like. Either way, it’s gonna be an instant classic.

Watishista Katie Ann will love the video due to all the chiffon abuse (I love it too!)  And hat tip to Dr. P for sending this on to me. I’ve had my head down at work all day and completely missed it.

– Lozil

The Daily Drool: 2015 WWC Group D: Sweden’s Lotta Schelin

20 Jun

Lotta SCHELINStriker/winger Lotta currently plays for Olympique Lyon’s Women’s Team and has represented Sweden at the senior level since 2004. Her skill prompted Danish women’s national team manager Peter Bonde to compare her to Zlatan and being Zlatan, he took umbrage. Pfffft! Whatever, Z. As watishista hopechaser likes to say #DareToLotta