More Headbands & Less Heartbreak

14 Dec


Lozil said it best, after that flop of a match, MORE HEADBANDS LESS HEARTBREAK! What we need everyone to do over Christmas break, is to go stock up on some Biotin pills & Mane & Tail shampoos….fuck it, hair extensions & weaves will work too. We need the hair back and we need it back now. The combination of our scissor happy boys & the trading of El Pirata, has left us with such bad juju, we have no choice but to believe that we’ve been cursed, peeps. Again, I think what’s most important now is getting everybody on a hair growth regimen & maybe picking up an Irish player in the winter transfer market, for an extra bit of luck!



A moment of silence was observed in memory of Alfredo Di Stefano’s daughter, Nanette Norma Di Stefano, who had passed away this week. It seems like there have been too many of these moments, in just the first half of the season. Most notably were the passings of the young girls involved in the Halloween stampede. Nanette’s passing wasn’t a violent one, like that of the young Madrid girls, but her death is not any less saddening. I’m feeling for not only those who have passed, but also for the people that they left behind. I’m sorry I’m getting a little heavy in this post, all day I’ve been thinking about the 26 innocents who were killed today in Connecticut. There’s too much senseless violence in the world, too many psychos running around, and it’s too easy for them to get a hold of weapons. I’ll never understand such disregard for human life. My thoughts & prayers are with those who lost loved ones today. R.I.P babies.

I just realized this is going to be one depressing post, death & a loss. Sorry! I’ll try to keep it light. Our starting men took their seats on the bench for this match and they were super fidgety. Boys no like being out of the action!



With things off to a lackluster start, all the goodies worth watching were happening on the bench. You learn a lot about people when they’re confined to small spaces.

San Iker explaining how he would do things. By his hand gestures, I assume he means he would take flight?..

And push everyone out of his way?

Sergio’s version of wax on, wax off.

When things get slow, Kaka becomes a flasher.

Sami is one of those guys who is always about 10 seconds too late in his reacitons. Get in sync with the Pony, bebe.

Iker really likes to go BOING, BOING.

Sometimes, Iker just has to look away.

You can take the Pony out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the Pony.

Sergio likes to go BOING, too.





Thirty minutes into the match, the score still 0-0, and Sergio looks worried for his love. He probably thought Sami’s shocked & silent state was scaring his baby boo…I’d be more worried about him smothering himself behind that snood. But I guess, as long as the poor thing is blinking, he’s alright.

And then there’s Kaka…..BOO!

Karim Benzema



Poor Benz suffered an ankle injury in the 30th minute & had to be subbed off. He’s our only bubba actively taking part in trying to bring our hair luck back, by growing his out, and he get’s injured. It’s just not fair. Callejon replaced our yummy croissant & another snack named bebe, took a certain pleasure in watching him get ready to be subbed in.


Whatchya lookin’ at Nacho?


Can you blame the kid?




The first change came at the start of the 2nd half, Ozil shook off the 0-0 trance & came in for Modric.




Celta was pressing hard to score & in the 56th minute, Bermejo came through for his side. I just feel bad for poor Adan, who was left standing there in defeat. Hoping to turn the game around, Mou put in Kaka for Essien, following the Celta goal. It didn’t work. Celta scored their second goal in the 78th minute, this time scored by Bustos, who had been on the pitch for only three minutes. Again, poor Adan.

In the 87th minute, when it was too little, too late, Cristiano put one away from a loooooong Xabi pass.




With the way we go for those comebacks, the four minutes of added time, gave us hope that we could push for an equalizer, but it didn’t come.




Pics & Gifs via gfsports, football-is-my-life-cr7, gladysc, & color-de-fresa.


Post Match Comments




“We are favourites to win the tie and I’d like to think that we will go through”, said the coach, who called on the Whites’ fans to fill the Bernabéu on the 9th of January: “The second leg will be an exciting match in which we will have to turn around the tie and the fans will be looking forward to the match with excitement.” Mourinho also praised Varane for his commitment: “He has a fantastic mentality and did his job even though he was injured.”

The Portuguese coach did not take anything away from their opponents but believes that Real Madrid will win the tie: “I liked how Celta played and I think that they deserved to win the match. The result reflects what happened on the pitch, but perhaps they didn’t do enough to merit scoring twice and neither did we to merit scoring once. The most logical result would have been 1-0 and they scored the second goal without knowing how and forced us to react. They deserved to win the match, but I still think we are favourites to win the tie and I’d like to think that we will go through. There is no great drama, everything is still to be played for and we know they are a good team. I’d rather lose here today than to do it in the league because we can do something about this.”

When asked about the comeback, Mourinho was upbeat and insisted that his teamare capable of winning. But I do not like to put percentages on these things. We do not have to thrash them, we just need to win. We do not have to make a historic comeback. We are capable of winning, but Celta are a good team and will use everything that they have at their disposal. I think that for our home fans it will be a more exciting match than if we had won here. It will be an exciting match in which we will have to turn around the tie and the fans will be looking forward to the match with excitement. We can win the tie.”

The Real Madrid coach also spoke about the changes that were made, some of which were coaching decisions and Varane’s position in the closing stages of the match: “Varane was a champion because he was injured, he was injured and stayed on the field and did more than some players who were not injured. He has a fantastic mentality and did his job even though he was injured. He couldn’t sprint and could not play as a defender and he did well. It was my choice to leave Morata out, which is what I am here for, to make decisions, sometimes they are good decisions and sometimes they are bad. Today I decided wrong and he ought to have been on the bench. Essien was there to play 60 minutes and he did, but I changed him because we were losing and I wanted to change the team a little and bring on an attacking player”. As for Benzema’s injury, he was not sure as to the extent of the injury: “He has something wrong with his ankle, but I do not know what it is.”

Finally, when asked if he was disappointed with any of his players in this match, the Real Madrid coach said he does not like to pick out individuals: “There are players who disappointed me, but I will not speak about anyone directly. I think that it would have been better if Morata was here, he still a little bit green but he has ambition, wants to give his best and is entitled to make a mistakes, instead I gave the chance to a player who did not want to be here and who maybe did not play this match because of the cold, because of the rain, because it was a cup match. I make the decisions and it is my responsibility. I think we saw the same match and you can criticise the coach and his decisions, but maybe it is not always only the coach who has to take responsibility. I take mine.”



Adán was Real Madrid’s goalkeeper for the cup match against Celta Vigo. The academy player highlighted how valuable to the team Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was: “It was important to score that goal and with the match at the Bernabéu to come we have a good chance. We struggled to react and we played well in the last half hour. The team’s attitude changed when we went behind and if we had played the same way from the start, maybe the outcome would have been different.”

The goalkeeper was not surprised about how well Celta performed: “We knew about the difficulties of playing at this ground, the playing surface, they have a good team and at some points we were not as good as we would have liked. We have to keep working hard. It doesn’t matter whether it is the league or the cup, we are struggling to get anything away from home and we need more confidence for the next matches.”



After playing 90 minutes in Balaídos, Ricardo Carvalho offered his thoughts on how the first leg of the round of 16 cup tie went: “We know when we can do better. In the first half we could have done more and they played better than us. But in the second half, we improved a lot and could have scored more goals and I think that the result is a bit unfair.” About what Mourinho said in the press room he said: “The coach knows us well and knows that we can do better.” On a personal level, Carvalho said: “I feel good physically. I am doing well in training and I am always ready to play.”



Álvaro Arbeloa played the whole game against Celta de Vigo in the Copa del Rey. The Real Madrid player expressed his disappointment with the missed opportunities at goal: “The goal from Cristiano Ronaldo keeps us in the running to qualify, although it was a shame not to score another. They got through and were very effective. Celta plays football very well and it was a complicated match. This year the other teams are really putting the pressure on in our away matches. We’re confident we’ll fight our way back in the Bernabéu with the support of the fans.”

The defender also commented on Varane’s circumstantial position as centre forward in the last stage of the match: “His injury practically left us with ten players with only twenty minutes to go and this was a bit of an upset. The team had to make a huge effort.”

The wing back regretted their not achieving a better score in the final stage of the match: “It was a different Real Madrid playing in the last twenty minutes. Each player has to reflect on their performance and know that we can do better. The team made an enormous effort at the end. We scored and we could have made it a draw.”

Arbeloa also spoke of the dynamic of their away games:We’re going through a difficult moment where we’re struggling in our away matches. We resolve the matches cleanly in the Bernabéu and it’s time to think about where we’re going wrong. When you lose a match, something has gone wrong. When things aren’t going well we have to be united, work hard and make an effort to improve.”


Boys, please win the tie & play like you deserve to win it. HALA MADRID!!


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