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Prep Begins For El Derbi Madrileño

23 Feb
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Mr. 92:48 – Destroyer of Atleti’s Dreams

The team began preparing today for El Derbi Madrileño aka our big crosstown rivalry/Sernando reunion. Continue reading


Last Training Session Of The Week

14 Aug
Secretly pretending it's Nando. Obvs.

Secretly pretending the ball is Nando. Obvs.

The last training of the week followed the same pattern. The Baby and Fabio worked out alone outdoors while Pepe & Benz stayed in the gym. I feel like a broken record. But take a gander at all the delicious training legs on view. Continue reading

Match Recap: Copa del Rey – Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid

21 Jan

Evil Bunny BusAfter losing 2-0 to Atleti at the Calderon, it was time to move across town to get that remontada going!

Continue reading

Match Recap: Copa del Rey – Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid

11 Jan
"You need a Tic Tac"

“You need a Tic Tac”

I don’t normally enjoy facing Atleti. I dread it about as much as I dread facing Barcelona. The bright spot to my nervous twitch was the prospect of some epic bromancing in the form of Sernando. Continue reading

It’s Official: Nando Returns To Atleti

29 Dec

The rumors have been confirmed by the man himself. After 7 1/2 long years, Nando is heading home. AC Milan has loaned him to Atleti until the end of the 2015-2016 season. Continue reading

Off To Dubai!

28 Dec

Satellite (5)The team took off this evening for Dubai where they will play AC Milan on Tuesday. A bit of bummer news though… Continue reading

Training Catch Up, Arrival In Sofia & A Sernando Reunion To Look Forward To!

30 Sep
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Thumbs up in stereo

Well, the week has flown by and the team is already in Sofia (for the first time in 35 years)! I’ve been in the midst of a couple of work-related all nighters with a couple of more to come so I’m going to try to get a bunch of posts up tonight (the watishista correspondents have been taking up the slack and producing some goodies).  So this is a very quick and dirty catch up. Continue reading