The Daily Drool: Lovre Kalinić

15 Jul

Goalkeeper Lovre currently plays for Gent. He has represented Croatia at the U15, U16, U17, U21 and senior levels.


World Cup 2018: Belgium Take Third Place

14 Jul
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And so the Golden Generation is bronzed with an easy victory over England to nab third place. Congratulations Belgium! Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Mohammad Rashid Mazaheri

14 Jul

Goalkeeper Mohammad currently plays for Zob Ahan. He has represented Iran at the U20, U23 and senior levels.

World Cup 2018: Semi-finals Recap

13 Jul

Croatia. What? Croatia. What? Croatia! The team the European Union (re)built. Up against France. The team Africa built. I don’t recall anyone predicting this match-up for the final. I don’t recall anyone predicting France beyond the semi-finals or Croatia beyond the Group Stage. Not that I read them all, because, umm, why?! Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Ellyes Skhiri

13 Jul

Midfielder Ellyes currently plays for Montpellier.

The Daily Drool: César Pinares

12 Jul

Midfielder César currently plays for Colo-Colo. He has represented Chile at the U20 and senior levels.

The Daily Drool: Henrik Dalsgaard

11 Jul

Right back Henrik currently plays for Brentford. He has represented Denmark at the U20, U21, League XI and senior levels.