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Villa, What Are They Doing To You?

4 Mar

Well, it’s been unveiled and it’s even worse than I expected. This is just…poo. Continue reading

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

2 Mar

Girls like soccer too arseholes2So I found this in my inbox today and it made me growl in frustration. Why not Mommy’s little mascot?  Because I know plenty of hardcore lady Madridistas with woobinses. You may think that I’m overreacting, but check out the whole ad after the jump. Continue reading

Wednesday Training & A Cartoon Dog As Fashion?

11 Feb
RM: The next generation

RM: The next generation

What did I say yesterday?! NO MORE INJURIES! What did we get today? ANOTHER FRIGGING INJURY! Continue reading

Back To Training, Videos, Kisses, Egos & Confusing Transformations

9 Feb

SatelliteThe team, like my heart, must go on even after the absolute clusterfuckery of Saturday’s performance. Or lack thereof. Continue reading

Oh (No) Canada!

5 Feb

Cristiano thanked everyone for the many birthday wishes today.

Breakfast Television, a Toronto morning show, got in on the act wishing Cris a happy 30th… Continue reading

Cristiano (And His Bulge) Honored In Funchal

22 Dec

SatelliteNever one to sit still,  Cristiano went right from the Club World Cup home to Maderia to receive an award and to, well, you’ll see… Continue reading

Sergio Ramos Scroll Down Fug

2 Sep

tumblr_nb9x65eJJY1qftb6ko1_1280Reporting for national team duty or digging for clams? Could go either way. However, I see he’s got himself a new clutch murse. (Yes, I know it’s in fashion but…) And what is that pattern on the shirt cuffs? Could it be animal footprints? That would be very Ramos-tastic.

Sigh. It could be worse, though. So much worse.

(Photo via GFSports)



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