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Sergio & Cristiano Score At The Marca Awards

8 Feb

Satellite (1)Sese & Cris each took home an honor at the Marca Awards tonight. Continue reading

The Year Of The Monkey

6 Feb

Satellite (17)Gong xi fa cai! The Chinese New Year is approaching and the team gathered together to send their good wishes. This year was extra exciting as the video features Real Madrid’s first ever Chinese player, Lin Liangming of Juvenil A. Continue reading

Ready For Granada

6 Feb

Satellite (7)The team finished their final training before meeting Granada tomorrow. Continue reading

Carnival Bebés & More Silliness

6 Feb

I noticed a bunch of pictures of ‘ballers’ bebés in costumes today. At first I was like “Is it some sort of international ‘Bebés in Costumes Day’ that I know nothing about?” But then I realized, it’s Carnival! First up is the ever delightful Raul Arbeloa as Luke Skywalker (or as he pronounces it “Lud Ezawater” according to his mami, Carlota). Continue reading

Training, Birthday Boy, 5 Star Performances & King Muppet Baby On The Move?

5 Feb

Satellite (9)The team continued training in prep for Sunday’s match vs. Granada along with Castilla striker Mariano. Continue reading

Happy (MUCH) Belated 5th Birthday HB & HB!

5 Feb

5Ever the neglectful parent, I just realized (looking at Cristiano’s birthday post) that I once again forgot to post about the blog’s birthday! (To be fair, I was gearing up for major surgery on our birthday this year and couldn’t really focus on anything else.) Continue reading

Happy Birthday Cristiano!

5 Feb

cristiano-ronaldo-on-football-lionel-messi-and-leaving-real-madrid-001Our brilliant meticulous living legend turns 31 today! How lucky are we to live in an era that we get to watch this fantastic athlete do his thang? And how lucky are we that he plies his trade for our team. Pretty damn lucky, I’d say. Feliz cumple, Cris, stay orange and amazing – we love you just the way you are.


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