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The Evil Empire Continues

29 May

SeppBlatterWCFor those who weren’t watching the clusterfuckery of the FIFA elections live today, here’s how it went down: Continue reading

RM Slaps Down Pogba Rumors And Other Dramz

28 May

real_madrid_logoThe drama continues at Real Madrid (and this shit is just beginning). The issued and official statement denying rumors that they made an offer from Paul Pogba. Continue reading

FIFA 16 – We’re In The Game

28 May

In the game

In what I consider to be a giant leap forward (and about time), EA Sports announced today that women’s international teams will be available to play in FIFA 16. There will be 12 women’s sides available in one of the game modes. Continue reading

FIFA: The Shit Finally Hits The Fan

27 May

fifa-logoI’m racing between meetings but oh man, what amazing news I woke up to this morning! The chickens are finally coming home to roost at FIFA and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Soccer officials from all over the world were gathered in Zurich for the FIFA Congress and the presidential elections that are scheduled to take place on Friday. 14 people have been arrested on corruption charges and more to come.  Continue reading

So You Know That’s Some Damn Fine Coffee

26 May

11329759_10153004753655318_3705010281306829048_nJust home from work and it’s after 10 PM so I’m too fried to put together a proper post. But I thought I’d share a picture I took this morning on my way to the office. This was on the chalkboard at a coffee shop in my neighborhood and it made me smile. I’m getting so excited for the Women’s World Cup! How about y’all?


– Lozil

It’s Official: Carlo Ancelotti Sacked

25 May

ancelotti_2921770bWell, another departure that we knew was coming, but it still bums me out. Stupid, stupid move IMHO. Thank you for everything Carletto, you will be missed (along with Flotsam and Jetsam). The new coach will be announced next week.

– Lozil

Updated: Time For Getafe

23 May

Satellite (1)Well, the final game of the season is just a few hours away. The team met up pre-match to kick back and chill at Valdebebas. Continue reading


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