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Saturday Training And A Visit From The ‘Peez

27 May

What a tease! You can’t wear the headband one day and dump it the next, Sergio! It’s unfair to get our hopes up. You’re lucky you’re so hot, buddy. I wouldn’t take this headband taunting treatment from just anyone. Continue reading

An Old Friend Returns

26 May

What is that I spy on Sergio? Could it be a headband? Why yes, yes it is. Lordy, we haven’t seen one of those on him in years. I can only see it as a good omen (and a shout out, because clearly he loves watishistas). Feels like an old friend has come back home. Continue reading

Thursday Training

25 May

The preparation for the Champions League final continues. Hard to believe it’s just over a week away.  Continue reading

Hot Pants Overload

24 May

Cristiano stayed indoors today and while the cat is away the mouse will play… Continue reading

Transfer News: Vinícius Júnior

23 May

Real Madrid is looking to the future by snapping up the federative rights to 16 year old Flamengo wunderkind Vinícius Júnior. The transfer of rights will take place in July 2018 (when he turns 18) and he will stay with Flamengo until July 2019 unless both teams agree that he should join Real Madrid earlier. The deal is rumored to be in the area of 45 million Euros. (Wowsers!) You can learn a bit more about him here and check out some video.

– Lozil

Time To Celebrate #33

22 May

I love these goofballs! So many great pictures and videos from the celebrations… Continue reading


21 May

What a great end to the day! 33rd time as La Liga champions (and counting)! I’m still busy celebrating but there will be more pictures in the coming days. HALA MADRID!