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Wednesday Training & Wack Ass Bullshit

25 Mar

Satellite (7)Jesé, James, Arbeloa, Pacheco, Nacho and Illarra worked with Castilla today in the second training session of the week. Continue reading

James Joins The Group, International Duty, Sese Speaks & Bebe Iker

24 Mar

Satellite (8)Great news!James returned to training with the group today. Very encouraging! Continue reading

UPDATED: It’s Official: Douchebag Fans To Face The Music

23 Mar

real_madrid_logoWell that was quick (and smart)! I’d barely calmed down from my rant and Real Madrid has already identified the fans who went apeshit on G-Money, Jese  & Sergio and are taking action.  Continue reading


23 Mar

This is bullshit. Fans attacked Bale’s and Jese’s cars when the players returned home last night. They also screamed abuse. I can’t believe Sergio even entertained their bullshit (I know, he was trying to smooth the waters, but give these people an inch and they’ll take a mile). Continue reading

One Sleep Till El Clasico

21 Mar

Satellite (19)Ready or not, here we go! The team held their final training session before taking off to Barcelona. Continue reading

Match Recap: Champions League – Real Madrid v Schalke

20 Mar

Schalke fans at BernabeuI don’t know about the rest of you, but after the match against Bilbao I was pretty sure we’d worked out the cobwebs and would easily move into the next round in Champions League. Not that Schalke are ever easy but surely we couldn’t blow an advantage of two away goals…

Continue reading

Training For El Clasico & Karim Interview

20 Mar
"Um, do you mind? Trying to work here!"

“Um, do you mind? Trying to work here!”

Luka has the same look I’d have on my face if I had photographers all up in my bidness while I was trying to get my work done. Honestly! Continue reading


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