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Ready For Betis & Cris Returns

19 Sep

The team had their final training session before facing Betis tomorrow in a mid-week match. Continue reading


Preparing For Betis & Another Contract Extension

18 Sep

After yesterday’s win over Sociedad, the team began preparing for the mid-week match vs. Betis.  Continue reading

Like Father, Like Son

17 Sep

3 guerreros listos. Vuelve #LaLiga. 3 warriors. #LaLiga is back! #SergioJR #Leo #HalaMadrid

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To what does my wondering eyes appear? Sergio Jr. wearing a teeny tiny headband! I approve 100% Keep the faith, young woobins, even if your papi has given up his headband.

– Lozil

And You Get A Contract Extension, And You Get A Contract Extension And You Get A…

14 Sep

…”partial tear of the adductor muscle tendon in your right leg.” Okay that SUCKS. Animo Mateo! Bring your lovely self back to us soon.  Let’s hope there are no more injuries to our boys.

But some good stuff happened as well. We started off our Champions League crown defense with a 3-0 win over APOEL. And then there was the matter of some contract extensions that make me, for one, very happy. Continue reading

Ready For APOEL, Leg One & “Class Picture Day”

12 Sep

The Champions League is back! The team had their final training session before meeting APOEL tomorrow.  Continue reading

A Day To Reflect And Hope

10 Sep

As always, we take September 11 off from posting. This year, it seems even more important to both reflect and take action. Things are so painful and unsettled – not only here in the US but the world over. If there was ever a time to send out healing energy into the universe, it’s now. So I hope you will join me in doing so. Also, tomorrow, if you can, perhaps donate money or time to an organization that’s making a difference or devoted to a cause that’s close to your heart. Write a letter to your elected officials, speak out on social media about an issue that is important to you, walk the walk and talk the talk. There are a lot of ways you can make an impact. The important thing is to take action – even a small, positive step is a good start. Just treat someone with kindness – hold the door for someone, help someone carry their stroller up the subway stairs, something… Being decent to each other can’t hurt, for a start. We’ve got to do what we can to turn the tide of sadness and darkness that seems so present lately.  It’s easy to despair right now (and I’m often in that state these days), but we’ve got to keep both positive and focused. This will be a long, difficult fight but let’s do whatever we can to help the forces of good in this world.


Sunday Training & Lukita Livin’ The Dream

10 Sep

Well, yesterday’s match didn’t work out as we would have hoped but we don’t have time to dwell. We have our first Champions League match on Wednesday. Continue reading