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This Is Gonna Take Some Getting Used To…

26 Jan

David Moyes: “My week is starting to look up!”

It’s amazing how things change on a dime, isn’t it? I’m just flashing back to the end of the last transfer window when my heart was crushed into a million pieces. I’m a neutral in this case, but it still makes me so incredibly sad. Mata loved, and was loved by, Chelsea. Continue reading

Training, More Nominations, Checking in with Sami, and a Familiar Face

4 Dec


Methinks Sergio is bitter about the comments I made about his hand gestures yesterday….I can see the anger in his eyes and the indecision in his hands. You’re still my favorite Pony, Sese!

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“Special Ones, GO!”

29 Aug

mouMeant to post this yesterday, but Mou is getting his own Portuguese animated kids show! I read about this being developed awhile ago, but now there is a clip available. Can you imagine rolling out of bed on Saturday morning, dragging your hungover arse to the couch with a bowl of Wheaties and turning on the TV and seeing Mou? Actually, I’m kinda used to doing that because my TV viewing on Saturdays and Sunday is EPL or La Liga, but you know what I mean – animated Mou! The trailer for his new show Mourinho and The Special Ones is after the jump. Continue reading

Real Madrid Preseason 2013: Part II

12 Aug


Lawd knows we love trophies and Lawd knows after last season, we more than deserve all of them…ok, most of them 😉 If Cristiano & Iker can lift awards and trophies in the preseason, I sure as hell am going to hold them to it when we get down to business with La Liga, the CdR, and Champions League. Who’s with me?!?!

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Match Post: International Champions Cup Final – Real Madrid Vs. Chelsea

7 Aug

International Champions CupWhoooo! I made it home just in time. Here’s a post for all your thoughts before,during and after. List of streams here. The commentators are already calling this Ronaldo vs. Mourinho. I guess we’ll see, eh? Me? I’m more looking forward to the Sernando. HALA MADRID!

– Lozil

WTF Pep?

28 Jul

Watishista number1barcachick shared this video (in slo mo) of an angry Pep Guardiola slapping Thiago Alacantara across the face during the German Super Cup.  My jaw dropped when I saw it. Ridiculously unprofessional. Say what you want about Mou, but I never saw him smack one of our players like this.  What’s going on with Pep? Is the pressure getting to him already?! Cules/bi-teamuals, is this normal behavior from him? I’m just so surprised by this. If that shit had gone down on an American team, I’m betting the players union and a few lawyers would have gotten involved. Not cool, Pep, not cool.

– Lozil

UPDATED: Sunday Bits & Bobs: Part II (Now On A Monday Morning)

15 Jul

da42000aebf911e283d722000a1f99fc_7Well now that its heading for 1 AM and I’m in an absolutely foul mood, I’m going to make this a quick post since I have to be up for work in a few hours. This post deals with non-Real players. David Luiz and his goofiness always seem to cheer me up. He’s adorable.  Continue reading