Lifting The Santiago Bernabeu Trophy

16 Aug

WinnersReal Madrid lifted their 11th consecutive Santiago Bernabeu trophy (and 26th overall) but Stade De Reims sure didn’t make it easy!

Before the match Sergio and Marcelo presented both La Undecima and the UEFA Super Cup to the Bernabeu accompanied by the team (Video).


_3AM3406_hThumb,0_3AM3361,1The honorary kick off was performed by Blanco Legends Gento and Kopa (the latter also played for Stade de Reims). (Video)

_3AM3515_hThumb,0Paco Gento is the only player to have won 6 European Cups. Raymond Kopa won 3. Amazing! Some day we will be watching as little old Sergio Ramos toddles out on to the pitch to do a ceremonial kickoff and telling our grandkids “DAMN, KID YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE NEON PANTS THAT DUDE USED WEAR. ALSO, HIS NOGGIN SAVED OUR ASS MORE THAN ONCE! LOVE HIM!” And our grandkids will roll their eyes and strut off in their Cristiano Ronaldo III jerseys (because you know that is going to be a dynasty).

It was also the 60th anniversary of the first European Cup which we, of course, won.

The match began with a moment of silence to honor former FIFA president João Havelange, who passed away.

MINUTO-SILENCIO_RML4328Thumb,0And then the game, oh lordy, the game.

We got an early scare when Pablo Chavarria at 7′ However, Nacho leveled the score at 11′ followed by Sergio at 39′ and Morata at 45+1″

So the first half ended with 4 goals.

Stade de Reims fought back with a Remi Oudin goal at 48′ to start out the second half. Things were tense until James scored at 60′ but Reims refused to go down and Grejohn Kyei scored at 73′ Mariano put the final goal in for us at 79′ Final score: 5-3 Dang, lots of activity to keep the fans in a frenzy.



Zidane: “We are ready for the first game in La Liga”
by Javier Garcia

“I am happy with the squad and with the players we have”, added the coach.

Following the win against Stade de Reims in the Santiago Bernabéu trophy match, Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press about his team’s performance: “Today was about being able to watch all of the players in action. We won the game and that will be out last friendly. Now we must prepare for the first game in La Liga, we are ready to play”.

“It is clear that when you concede three goals at home then certain things have not gone the desired way, but that is all part of the preparations. We have not conceded many goals in pre-season”.

“James is here, I am happy with how he played and he will be staying here. I will always respond in the same way to that, I’m tired of having to give a response. My stance is not going to change”.

The squad
“We are going to wait for the 31st. I don’t think we will be bringing players in. The squad is complete, but anything can happen. I am happy with the squad, with the players we have and that is that”.

“If you want to put another central midfielder into the mix then it becomes complicated. Cesc is a great player but it is not very straightforward. I am going to end up with a squad where three or four players do not get selected. To therefore put another player in there makes it difficult”.

Financial outlay
“It’s not always necessary. Regardless of what happens, I hope to be here in a year’s time and I’ll say the same thing. I’m happy with the players I’ve got, these same players won the Champions League. What I want us to do is to work hard all year round, because you don’t just win things because you’re Real Madrid. You have to work and that’s all I want from the players”.

Stade de Reims
“They put in a good performance. They’re a team who are looking to gain promotion to the top flight and they played well and scored three goals. Perhaps that was down in part to our errors, but also to their attacking ability”.

“He knows what he’s going to get here. All of the players know the score, I’m not here to mislead anyone. I’m going to put out the best team in every game. We need him if we’re to have a good season, I’ve got a great squad here”.

“We’ll have to see. For the time being he’s here with us. He’s a Madrid player, he hasn’t be unveiled as a signing because he’s come up from Castilla. We’ll see what happens between now and 31 August, but right now he’s here with us and he’s happy”.


Nacho: “We’ve had a great pre-season and go into the La Liga campaign in top form”
by Borja Miranda

“We’ve made a good start to the season by winning the Super Cup and we go into the season with confidence”, declared Varane.
Nacho Fernández, who was on target in the win over Stade de Reims, spoke to the media in the aftermath of the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy game: “We go into the La Liga season in top form. We’ve had a great pre-season and we can’t wait for Sunday to come round”.

“We’re happy to have won the Bernabéu Trophy, it’s one we like to win every year. I’m also pleased with the great pre-season we’ve had, including the European Super Cup win, which was the important one, and the friendly matches”.

“We did well on set pieces in this game. They’re something we work on a lot during the week and it’s always good to score from them. I’ve had a bit of luck because this is the second year running that I’ve scored in this Trophy, but it’s always important to score, both for me and the team”.

Varane: “Now comes the tough bit, but we’re ready ”
“We’ve had a good pre-season, now comes the tough bit, but we’re ready. We’ve worked very hard, but we need to have the fitness levels to keep us going throughout the whole season. It’s to be expected that we’re a bit tired with the work we’ve done, but we needed to put the work in, so as to be in good shape or the long run. We’ve got a lot of objectives and are looking forward to getting started. I’m feeling in good shape and am keen to perform to my best”.

“We have started the season well by winning a trophy and we’re going into it with confidence. For us La Liga is really important and it’s one of our key aims. It’s a competition comprised of many matches and you have to play well every weekend. All of the players will feature and that will be key for us in the four competitions we are in”.

Asensio: “This has been one of the happiest days of my life”
“We played a good game and despite conceding three goals, I’m certain that as we play more and more we’ll find a solution. It has been an incredible day, one of the best of my life and I hope I have made Real Madrid happy. Zidane congratulated me on the game”.

Debut at the Bernabéu
“I felt good and was able to play a good game. I’m happy with the win and am looking forward to the start of La Liga. I am completely at the coach’s disposition and would love to start on Sunday. I’ll try to give the fans back some of the warmth that they have shown me”.

Tejero: “Playing at the Bernabéu is thrilling”
“I had already been lucky enough to make my debut, but today was my first match at the Bernabéu and it was great, really thrilling. The coach told me to go out and be calm, to do what I know best, keeping it simple and playing with high tempo”.

“The team came out well, and despite conceding a goal, we knew how to react, by playing well in order to turn the score around. We have been working hard since the first day in Canada, focusing on the physical aspect and ball work”.

Mariano: “We go into it feeling good”
“I’m very happy with my goal and to have made my debut at the Bernabéu. It’s been a dream since I was a boy and it’s very special for it to be coming true. When I scored I felt the same emotions as when I got the goal against Chelsea. I dedicate the goal to my grandmother, who’s up there in heaven, to my family and to the people who are with me day in, day out. On Sunday we’ve got a tough game to start the La Liga season, but we go into it feeling good”.

Start as you mean to go on, gentlemen! Let’s have a great season!



– Lozil

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