A Busy Day For Isco

3 Jul

It’s been a busy day for Isco! He arrived last night and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

It began with his medical this morning at the Hospital Sanitas-La Moraleja under the watchful eye of Carlos Diez, Chief of Medical Services Sanitas-Real Madrid.  Dr. Diez says he’s in perfect condition. Dr. Lozil, Co-Chief of Watishing Services-HB &HB would like to point out that is not exactly true. Those nasty long denim shorts must go. Then he’ll be perfect.

After that, it was time to head off to meet FloPeezy and sign his contract. He’ll be wearing the number 23. Some previous players who had that number: David Beckham, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael Van der Vaart and Mesut Özil. Not bad company. Isco said he chose it because it was his brother’s birthday.  Aw!

I don’t fancy those elbow patches on his jacket. We’re going to have to keep a close eye on this guy.  We’re teetering on the edge of future Frankencoat adventures. Let’s hope he doesn’t develop a close bond with fellow Andalusian Sergio. That could push him right over into fashion madness.

Then it was off to the Director’s box for his official presentation.


Isco: “For a player, being at Real Madrid is as big as it gets”
by Edu Bueno

“This is a player who at 21 has already won many fans with his creative and high quality play; he is young but ready for the challenge”, said Florentino Perez

Francisco Roman Alarcon, Isco, was unveiled as new Real Madrid player in the Directors’ Box at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The Andalusian has fulfilled the dream of being able to play in the white shirt: “For a player, being at Real Madrid is as big and as good as it gets. I hope to enjoy myself here and to win lots of titles for this club”. The president, Florentino Perez, was at his side and praised Real Madrid’s new signing: “This is a player who at 21 has won many Spanish fans with creative and quality football. We believe in you, in your class and in your talent, and we welcome you to Real Madrid”. Emilio Butragueno, the club’s Director of Institutional Relations; Miguel Pardeza, Director of Football, and several members of the Board also accompanied the player at his unveiling ceremony.

The Directors’ Box was the starting point for the Whites’ third signing of the 2013-14 season. Amidst a huge amount of anticipation, reflecting the importance of the new Real Madrid player, Florentino Perez took the floor to introduce the winner of the recent European Under-21s Championship: “Just a few days ago, in this same place which has been a large part of the Real Madrid legend a new project started with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, complete with its challenges. As our coach says, Real Madrid have to work hard to provide a spectacular style of football and we want new players who meet the requirements of the club and that have an insatiable hunger, we want players that are aware of the great responsibility of wearing this shirt and so we introduce to you, Isco”.

Florentino Perez praised the standing of a player who, due to his youth and quality, has a great future at Real Madrid: “This is a player who at 21 has won many Spanish fans with his creative and quality play. He is young and amply prepared for this challenge. He has completed a great season with a historic Malaga team and has won the Under-21s Championship with Spain. He was also awarded the Golden Boy award. We are in the presence of one of those different players that has shown his talents in the Champions League. As everyone knows, Isco had other offers but chose to play for Real Madrid, the most important club in history. Here he will find unique players on the footballing side and excellent teammates that make up a great dressing room. Isco has great qualities and that is imperative to winning the hearts of Real Madrid fans”.

The Real Madrid president addressed the man of the hour, saying: “You have come to a team that does not know the word impossible and that will always be by your side, especially at difficult times. Today the task of bringing together the best in the world and Spain has happened. We believe in you, in your class and in your talent and we welcome you to Real Madrid. This is your stadium and this is your home”.

Meanwhile, Isco, greeted by the 7000 fans in attendance, thanked both the president and the club for making his move possible: “I want to thank the president for his efforts and the affection that the fans have shown me from the first minute. For a player, being at Real Madrid is as big and as good as it gets. I hope to enjoy myself here and to win lots of titles for this club”. The ceremony ended with a group photo with Florentino Perez and the rest of the members of the Board together with Isco.

He then suited up and got on the pitch to greet the fans for the first time as a Real Madrid player. More than 8,000 people welcomed him.

And then, he gave his first presser! Lord, he must be exhausted! I certainly am from reading about his day.

Presentaciýn_de_Isco (28)FROM REALMADRID.COM

Isco: “I want to win titles, enjoy myself and to give people something to enjoy”
by Alberto Navarro

It is impossible to say no to Real Madrid. You cannot let this opportunity pass you by and I’m ready to play in the biggest team there is”, said the Whites’ new midfielder

After his unveiling in the Directors’ Box at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Isco gave his first press conference as a Real Madrid player. The Whites’ midfielder did not hide his joy at being part of the project that will have Carlo Ancelotti as coach. Accompanied by Emilio Butragueno, who said he was “convinced that he will have a successful time here due to his talent and effort”, he said: “I have come to the biggest club that there is and I will try to contribute what I know, help, learn from these great players, win titles, enjoy myself and give others something to enjoy. I had offers from other teams in Europe, but it is impossible to say no to this team. The offer from Real Madrid comes when it comes. You cannot let this opportunity pass you by and I’m ready to play in the biggest team there is. I am confident that I will earn a place in the team because time on the pitch is never given away”.

When asked about the way in which the transfer came about and offers from other European clubs, he said: “Firstly I want to thank the people that have welcomed me and the affection they have shown me from the start. It is true that I had offers from many teams in Europe, but playing here is a dream and here I am. I had very little doubt about coming and when I saw that Real Madrid were serious I did not think twice. I’m where I want to be, at the biggest club in the world. I have just arrived and I have a lot of admiration for this club I want to get out on the field and win a lot of things. It is true that I have always been at Malaga and now I am the biggest Real Madrid fan there is. I will give everything, I will leave everything on the field and no one will question my commitment to this team”.

Presentaciýn_de_Isco (23)The Whites’ midfielder also spoke about the difficulty of getting into the starting eleven at Real Madrid and the level of pressure at the club: “Earning a place in the best team in the world is tough, but if I didn’t think that I could do it then I would not have come here. I’ll play where the coach decides and I have the ability to adapt. To make a great team you need a lot of competition for places and here there is competition. Real Madrid have a very big impact worldwide. I come here under no pressure and they have signed me because they believe in me. I want to win things, enjoy myself and to give people something to enjoy”.

About his new teammates and the way Real Madrid portrays itself, he said: “I am 21 years old and I like to learn from everyone. I watch the movements of the great players a lot and the best are here. I have come here to win and to earn a place in the side. The way that Real Madrid portrays itself has always been excellent. Since I signed with Real Madrid people have gone crazy”.

With reference to the footballing model used by Ancelotti, his new coach, he said: “The type of football is different with every coach. It is always nice to see Real Madrid play because they score a lot of goals and people enjoy watching. Ancelotti has won titles with all the clubs he has been at, including Champions League titles as a coach and as a player. I cannot say more about him”.

When asked about how important Zidane was in him signing, he said: “It is an important factor if a man like him is interested in you and likes you, but I knew I wanted to play here”. And about the chances he has of playing in the World Cup in Brazil, he said: “It is a possibility. If I do well here I could have a chance to get to go to Brazil”.

Presentaciýn_de_Isco (25)When asked about the coincidence that exactly ten years ago Beckham was unveiled in the same stadium and with the same shirt number, he said: “I’m not superstitious. Beckham is a great player and not by chance. 23 is the day of my brother’s birthday”. About his great friendship with Morata, Nacho and Carvajal, with whom he has just won the European Under-21s Championship, he said: “Morata was my roommate for the European Under-21s, but he didn’t have to convince me at all. I knew that I wanted to play here and I’ve made the best decision. In Spain we have a good future generation and Spain is going strong”.

As for his great relationship with Pellegrini, who coached Real Madrid and with whom he was at Malaga with, he said: “I have not spoken to him much about this topic but I know he has affection for this club”. Finally, when asked about the name of his dog, he said: “He is called Messi, but it doesn’t mean anything. I’m not going to change it because then he wouldn’t pay any attention to me. I also had another dog called Figo”.

Hopefully the poor kid can get some rest tonight. BTW, you can follow him on Twitter: @isco_alarcon

7 Responses to “A Busy Day For Isco”

  1. CinematiqueChic July 3, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

    His commitment to questionable fashion just demonstrates how well he’ll fit in!

    • headbandsandheartbreak July 3, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

      Excellent point. He’s cute, has good cheekbones, has mastered the thumbs up and can’t dress himself. Perfect Real Madrid player. 🙂

      • realmadridlookbook July 3, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

        hahaha. But I do love the fact that he decided to go with a blazer and button-up, rather than the t-shirt and jeans that a lot of players wore on their first days. But his jorts from earlier in the day are a total no in my book!

        • jellyace July 4, 2013 at 11:03 am #

          To prevent fashion foibles, he should just take his clothes off! Imagine, he and Morata as roomies! The room must have sizzled! I am so happy we got Cutie Pie Isco!

  2. Natalie July 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

    MMM, fresh meat!! The shorts do have to go for sure

  3. Maripili July 3, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    I like him already! He will keep Sergio from missing Torres and Navas, and they can go shopping together!


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