The Great Return, A Message From Man Edith, Iker Mus-ses Around & Well, You’ll See…

19 Nov

Satellite (2)Our internationals have returned en masse and got back to training in preparation for the match against Eibar on Saturday. G-Money trained with the group which included Muppet Babies Alfonso Herrero, Lucas Torró, Burgui, Medrán, Enzo and De Tomás), Crispy ran on his own and the rest of the internationals worked out inside.

Lukita prepared a video thanking everyone for their support (here it is with English subtitles). WAH! I’m going to miss his Edith-y face and on pitch panache.
Satellite (15)Iker recorded a promotional video for the Official Mus Madrid Mahou Championship. (For those who don’t know, mus is a card game that is widely played in Spain).

The competition will be played at 60 bars across the Community of Madrid (1,000 couples will participate according to the info) The winning pair will play in the final against Iker and his partner.

Iker Casillas: Card Shark. Works for me. I don’t know if you guys watch the absolutely brilliant BBC 2 show The Fall (but you should). Anyhow, in my household, this show is more commonly known as “Iker Casillas: Serial Killer” because Iker is a dead ringer for the murderous character Paul Spector played by the awesome Jamie Dornan.

Iker Jamie 1Iker Jamie 2So basically I spent all of Series 1 freaking out over this resemblance. And yes, before you ask, I did indeed loan the DVD to Shiggers and said “Trust me, you’ll love this” Worst friend ever, that’s me. One of these days she’s going to stop talking to me, I swear.

Anyhow, Series 2 just kicked off and I was having a discussion about this with watishistas mygypsyspirit, Dr. P and forzasusan.  We got talking about Jamie Dornan’s new role as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of (Holy Hell This Book Is Shite) Grey. I was saying that I was grateful that Dornan shaved the beard because otherwise, I’d be envisioning Iker Casillas: Spank Master. But then I looked at pictures and well….Iker Casillas: Spank Master, it is.

Iker jamie 3So yeah, that’s an idea to take with you to theaters everywhere on February 15th.

Several of the RM ladies tweeted about reading the book. Can you imagine if they made the same observation that I did? I can just see it now. “Hey, Jamie Dornan’s playing Christian Grey. He looks so familiar. Really reminds of me of someone. I just can’t put my finger on who it is. Right on the tip of my tongue….” Iker passes by and casually smacks Sergio’s arse with his belt jokingly. Suddenly, it dawns on them… “OMFG! AIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE! This is….awkward. Really, really awkward”  It’d be all 50 Shades of “Oh Shit That Is My Husband’s Colleague And Now I’m Imagining Him Encouraging My Inner Goddess To Do The Merengue With Some Salsa Moves And OMG, The Team Are Totally Nicknamed Merengues, Which Makes It Even Worse And, And, And…..Head Explodes” Grey.


And for more fun, please enjoy some of the worst lines in the book.

– Lozil

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