Moving On & Prepping For The Copa

5 Jan

Satellite (6)The less said about yesterday’s game, the better at this moment in time. I’m still pretty growly about it. Poor mygypsyspirit has to recap it (I don’t envy that) and I’m sure, like most of us, she’s probably frustrated by some of the things that went down. But hey, a 22 game streak is nothing to sneeze at, right? We should be proud. I just want to move on and have the team get back to butt kicking especially with Atleti coming up on Wednesday.

The outfield players that started at Mestalla had a recovery session indoors. Marcelo jogged on his own while the rest of the group worked out on the pitch. They were joined by Castilla’s Álvaro Medrán and Sergio Molina from the the Under-19 squad. (Video)

Wednesday is going to be a tough, tough game. Atleti is going to have a lot to prove especially with the return of Nando so we’re going to have to seriously bring our A game. Hopefully, the boys are resting up after the smacking around they got yesterday at the hands of Valencia. Grrrrrrr!

Think happy thoughts! Think happy thoughts!

Ahem. Okay, still grumpy. In my next post, I’ll have some mood elevating fun.

– Lozil

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