2015 WWC – Group F: Colombia Versus Mexico (1-1)

13 Jun

colombia mexicoColombia drew Mexico on June 9th in Moncton in front of a crowd of 11,686.


Colombia: Stefany Castaño (GK), Carolina Arias, Angela Clavijo, Nataly Arias, Orianica Velasquez, Natalia Gaitan (c), Daniela Montoya, Diana Ospina, Yoreli Rincon, Lady Andrade, Ccatalina Usme

Mexico: Cecilia Santiago (GK), Kenti Robles, Christiana Murillo, Alina Garciamendez, Valeria Miranda, Monica Ocampo, Stephany Mayor, Nayeli Rangel (c), Veronica Perez, Charlyn Corral, Renae Cuellar

Referee: Therese Neguel (Cameroon)

First off: Congratulations to Colombia! While the result was a draw, they came away with their first ever World Cup goal (you go Colombia!). This was almost a win for Mexico before Colombia’s Daniela Montoya managed to snatch their historic goal in the 82nd minute.

And let’s not forget Mexico’s goal to open the scoring:

Veronica Perez struck this beauty! It was also a historic moment for not just Mexico but the Women’s World Cup. This was the first goal ever awarded by goal line technology (in the Women’s World Cup).

Colombia’s Yoreli Rincón clears the ball

Mexico’s head coach, Leonard Cuellar

Interesting quote I found on Tumblr from Colombia’s Rincon:

We [the women’s national team] get paid 1% of what the men get paid. Some are mothers. Some lose their jobs to play in the team and to represent an entire nation that doesn’t support us.
Yoreli Rincón, midfielder for Colombia NT

Kinda scary that they only get 1% of what the men make. Let’s hope that that changes soon as these women are playing their hearts out on the field and making history as they do it.

(Both Vines were originally tweeted by FanSidedGif)

Columbia’s next match is today against France in Moncton Stadium, Moncton. Mexico faces England today as well.


– Mandi

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