Updated: Mou Doc, More Diego, Call Ups, Bits & Bobs

26 Jan

I’m really hoping that they translate this great Mou birthday video into English (if they do, I’ll replace it here). At the very least, if you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese, you can enjoy the visuals. UPDATED: English version is now up here.

MourinhoThe team gave Mou a signed picture of last year’s Liga winning celebration. How sweet of them to immortalize the moment where he took his life in his hands when allowing Sergio Ramos to throw him into the air. (Just kidding, Sese!)

Here’s a bit more on Diego Lopez to get us acquainted with him as he takes his place with the team and some footage of him in action.

There’s also a report on his medical examinations at Hospital Sanitas – La Moraleja.

This evening, Diego had his first goalkeeping training with Silvino Louro and Luis Campos.

It’s a good thing he got started right away, because Mou called him up for tomorrow’s match. Here’s a list of all the players chosen.

Goalkeepers: Adán, Jesús and Diego López.
Defenders: Varane, Ramos, Coentrão, Carvalho, Marcelo, Arbeloa and Albiol.
Midfielders: Khedira, Özil, Alonso, Essien, Modric, Callejón and Di María.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema and Higuaín.

It’s so freaking weird not to see Iker Casillas on the list, isn’t it? ::sob:: But Diego has taken up the role of horrifying plaid shirt wearer that Iker has so ably filled for so long. It must be a goalkeeper thing.


Diego López: “To go back to the club I love is something really special”

“I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me by and I’m here with a tremendous longing to help the team, my team, to get what they are aiming for”, said the whites’ home-grown player in his first interview as Real Madrid’s new signing

Diego López returns to Real Madrid. Last-minute jitters and the smile on his face after signing his new contract with ‘the club I love’ suggest that this is one of the most exciting moments of his life. ‘To go back to the club I love, where I grew up and got trained is beautiful and something really special. I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me by and I’m here with a tremendous longing to help the team, my team, to get what they are aiming for’, revealed the whites’ home-grown player to Realmadrid.com and Realmadrid TV.

Diego_LýpezYou’re going back to Real Madrid. Home turf. I guess that’s got to feel quite special.

I am really excited and very happy. It’s all been so quick. I’ll have to get used to it. To go back to my club, the club I love, where I grew up and got trained is beautiful and something really special. I’m going to make the most of this opportunity I’ve been given and thank all those that have made this signing possible.

You’re back in Santiago Bernabéu. What are your memories of this stadium?
As a rival player the matches against Real Madrid were all memorable, especially here in the Bernabéu. I was here for a long time. I have shared so many experiences, almost all good ones, and personally and professionally it’s a great pleasure.

Diego_Lýpez (3)It’s all been very quick. How have the last 24 hours been for you?
I found out from the media that Real Madrid were looking for a goalkeeper and I was in the running. Yesterday my agent told me that he was in Seville with Del Nido, looking at the possibility of a happy ending. By the end of the day it was all confirmed and you can imagine the rest. Hours with no sleep, having to say goodbye to mates in Seville, travel up and be here. I don’t have any other words other than those of gratitude and excitement.

You have extensive experience with Spanish football and you’ve come to share it with the team.
At Real Madrid it took a lot out of me to get me to the top. It was a hard path to tread and I had to work a lot and put in a great deal of effort. Having already been in the first team I trusted the coaches and the president. I left last time because it was tough competing with Iker and I thought I’d have more possibilities elsewhere. I was at Villareal for five amazing years, except for the last one which wasn’t at all great, but I did manage to play in the Champions, loads of matches in Europe and go international. The last six months have possibly been the worst. I’m really longing to help the team, my club, to get what they’re aiming for.

Diego_Lýpez (1)You’ve played in the Champions with Villarreal and now you’re in the last sixteen with Real Madrid against Manchester.

The Champions is a really special league and more so playing for Real Madrid, as we’ve won it the most and we’re always in with a good chance. To take part and play against the European clubs with Villarreal gave me the experience I needed to take on the competition.

You’ve worked with Casillas and Adán. How would you describe them?
I can’t describe Iker because everyone knows his huge value. Adán has always stood out, even as a youngster, and I remember that even I started to train him up when he was 15 and I was helping out as a coach for the academy in my spare time. He’s really come on, he’s got great skill and it just goes to show the enormous amount of home-grown goalkeeping talent that the club has. There are three of us and between us we must defend the goal really well and help out the team.

Diego_Lýpez (4)Here’s a few more pictures of him with FloPeezy during the contract signing. He’s got a lovely smile, doesn’t he?

Firma_de_Diego_Lýpez (1)Firma_de_Diego_LýpezAfter what had to be an insanely busy day, Diego was whisked off to the Sheraton Mirasierra with the rest of the guys for concentracion.

And now for a few bits and bobs.  Sergio posted a shot with the man of the hour, Diego. These are thumbs up pros, kids, don’t try this at home!

sese2There are also several pictures of Sese hanging out at the awards the other night with Red One and Pitbull.

Let’s check in on a few other people: First up, David Luiz, who must be dreaming of the off season in Brazil because he posted a shot with his surfboard. However, back to reality, he posted another shot watching the Benfica match on TV.

927f9602672811e28a0c22000a9d0ded_76bd0b31e67f611e2a61722000a1f9d6d_7Also in London, teammate Juan Mata was checking out season two of Homeland and also went to Electric Cinema (which is an awesome spot). What do you want to bet he was with Pirata? I totally can see those two hanging here. I am so sure they’ll be there seeing Jules and Jim if they don’t have a game that day (I’d be there too if I could!)

e5abb41a67fe11e2b4ea22000a1fbdb0_797a1309c672c11e292eb22000a1fbd89_7Watishista Em sent in an adorable shot of Roberto Soldado with two puppies that are up for adoption. I’ll take all three, thanks!

BBZzgPpCMAAeu4tWatishista Pinpanpam tweeted me a picture of my beloved Meow (Remy Cabella) saying “he might have a duck face problem” He TOTALLY has a duckface problem. I think it’s a French ‘baller thing. But we should thank Remy for his devotion to keeping the duckface alive since Karim is letting us down. I expected a couple of sad duckfaces at least over the last few days. Karim, c’mon! Are you going to let the young Meow show you up?!

34184b34680611e2b47222000a1f9e47_7And on that duckfacey note, it’s time for me to get ready to go to sleep. Getting up at 5:30 AM on a Sunday to watch a soccer match wouldn’t be my first choice on how to spend my weekend, but HALA MADRID!

– Lozil

4 Responses to “Updated: Mou Doc, More Diego, Call Ups, Bits & Bobs”

  1. CinematiqueChic January 27, 2013 at 1:28 am #

    Not sure if Iker’s absence is marring Sergio’s return or if Sergio’s return is easing the sadness of Iker’s absence. Either way, I sure am glad to have “my” man back.

    The thought of Pirata and Juan seeing Jules and Jim together makes me giddy.

    • jellyace January 27, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

      I would think Pirata and Juan would go for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi…

  2. em January 27, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    So glad we got that win out of the way. On to the next… These guys know how to keep us guessing, don’t they? It’s a good thing we have CR to light things up in a pinch.

  3. JK January 27, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Do you guys think that the signing of Diego might give Adan a reason to move on? Last summer he was thinking of making a move because he doesn’t get regular playing time. When Casillas comes back from injury, he’ll rightly take back his starting position. I’m just worried that with bringing in another goalie, its going to tempt Adan to make a move somewhere else in the summer.

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