Cristiano Ronaldo: Gives Island, Gets Haircut, Throws Fit & More

3 Aug

Cristiano has been a very busy man indeed since returning from China. 

The biggest event on his calendar was acting as best man at the wedding of his agent Jorge Mendes to long time partner Sandra yesterday in Portugal.

So what do you get for the agent who has everything (including an estimated £100 million fortune)? Well, if you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, you buy him a Greek Island. Yep. You heard that right. Man, that makes the toaster I got for Dr. P’s bridal shower this weekend look a bit skimpy in comparison. Maybe I can build her a tiny Lego island or something for the wedding?

Also in attendance at the bash were Sir Alex Ferguson, FloPeezy,  Cris Jr., Deco, Jose Bosingwa, James Rodriguez, Red One and many others – 400 guests in all.

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Cristiano went to his hairdresser, Miguel Siero (he of the floral shirts and fabulous brothers_ to get a haircut when he got back from China. He took James, Toni & Lukita with him as well, but sadly, not G-Money. Luckily there’s enough left on Edith’s melon for a headband.

tumblr_nsh2kwUdq61qiy96so1_250tumblr_nsh2kwUdq61qiy96so3_250tumblr_nsh2kwUdq61qiy96so4_250tumblr_nsh2kwUdq61qiy96so2_250Looking saucy there, Crispy! That tetchy look was also seen in an interview with CNN’s Andres Oppenheimer who kept pushing him to talk about the FIFA scandal after Cris repeatedly tried to avoid giving a comment. Cris said he didn’t give a fuck about FIFA and left the set. I don’t blame him. My favorite part of the interview was when Andres asked Cris what the guys talked about in the locker room if not the FIFA scandal. Crispy’s reply?

About music, about women, about fashion, about shoes, about suitcases/bags, about jewelry, about haircuts, any more (you want me to list)?

Which, let’s be real, is pretty much what we expected. Back in the day, there was a probably a little coffee klatsch of Xabi, Sami & Esteban in a corner earnestly discussing an article they read in The Economist, but for the most part, I can totally see Sergio & Cris leading the in depth “Do these pink pants go with this bedazzled DSquared t-shirt?”and “What’s the best conditioner for my hair type?” convos with a healthy side of “Phwoar! That (fill in the blank) model is well fit!” while The Baby indulgently rolls his eyes.

He gave another (less stroppy) interview about his younger days for Herbalife.

Oh and he’s got his own headphone line now. Looks like they were what he was wearing in the grumpy interview unless I’m mistaken.

More on RM’s training, injuries and trip to Munich a bit later tonight!

– Lozil

3 Responses to “Cristiano Ronaldo: Gives Island, Gets Haircut, Throws Fit & More”

  1. mygypsyspirit August 3, 2015 at 10:40 pm #

    A lot of people have made a huge deal out of him getting pissy without giving the whole story. Such is the life of Cristiano Ronaldo… *sigh*

  2. M August 4, 2015 at 1:41 am #

    While I completely understand why Cris got pissed, a large part of me is currently cringing going why do you have to give them more ammo against you?! Ah well…

  3. jellyace August 4, 2015 at 8:07 am #

    Well, if there was ever a time to buy a Greek Island, it would be now. Maybe Crissy used this purchase to single-handedly prop up the Greek economy.

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