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The Daily Drool: Rémy Cabella

3 Sep

Long overdue for the Daily Drool is one of my favorites, Rémy Cabella. The attacking midfielder plays for reigning Ligue 1 champs Montpellier along with one of his good buddies, Drool Alum Benji Stambouli. Got to see them both play live this summer in the Trophee de Champions and I wasn’t disappointed. Rémy is a really exciting player to watch – very speedy and handles the ball so well.  He’s a delight. Off the pitch, he’s got a personality as huge as his playing style. He’s known for his love of Cristiano Ronaldo (even resembles him a bit!), his brash goofiness and his penchant for meowing. Yeah, you heard me, meowing.  I can’t help but love this guy.  Check out some vids: 1 2 3  He’s also represented France at the U21 level. This boy’s one to watch, people. J’adore Rémy!


The Daily Drool: Anthony Mounier

18 Jul

French winger Anthony has just left Nice where he has been since 2009 to join Montpellier. I guess I’ll be seeing him at the Trophee de Champions match later this month!

Does Anyone Need A Ticket To The Trophee de Champions Match On July 28?

8 Jul

French soccer’s Super Cup is being played for the first time on American soil at Red Bulls Stadium in Harrison, NJ on Saturday, July 28th at 3:00 PM. It’s Olympique Lyonnais vs. Montpellier.  One of our watishistos has a ticket that he can’t use. It’s in Section 104, Row 4. Here’s the Red Bulls seating chart. Ticket is $45. Get in touch with me at hbandshbreak@gmail.com if you’re interested. I’ll be there as well sitting in the same section in row 3. It’s super easy to get there from NYC and the metro area. Here’s directions.

– Lozil