RM Get to Training, Presser-ing, Interviewing, & Concentratin’

2 Nov

Zaragoza is going to come a-callin’ tomorrow & the boys will be ready for them! The last training session was held this morning & the big news is Arbeloa is training normally & even made the list for the match. One by one, our injured are getting healthy…they just need to hurry up about it! 😉

Why is Albiol clenching his cheekies? It must be a physical reaction to Arbeloa’s looks of lurve.

Yesterday, Watishistas MyGypsySpirit & Allison were enjoying Xabi’s fresh outta bed look. Well, lookie here ladies! He was looking even more puffy-eyed & scrumptious today. *sigh* I’m jealous of looks I can’t rock, puffy morning face is one of them.

Look at this, Real Madrid photogs getting clever. Not only did they expertly capture the morning light (am I the only one who thinks this round of pics is extra pretty?) but they’re also turning the cameras on each other, that’s a pretty packed balcony!

“That section over there, is dedicated just to Pipa’s bum.”

“One camera is not enough to capture my bootiful booty.”

This is the Mou that I’m used to, laughy Mou makes me nervous.

Onward to Mou’s presser!

         From Realmadrid.com

About Xabi Alonso and Khedira’s absences in midfield, the Real Madrid coach said:I would like to have them both available, of course, but there is no problem. We have a good squad and we have a solution. We have been without Marcelo and FĂĄbio for a while and life has gone on. We are without Xabi and Khedira but we have other players. We are confident that that we will secure some very important points“. About the injured players and their return to the team he explained:There is no hope for Khedira and CoentrĂŁo to be available for Zaragoza or Dortmund, and I don’t think that they will be available for the Levante match either. The only injured player that will be coming back is Arbeloa.”

The team won on Wednesday in their Copa del Rey opener. When asked about the possibility of playing single-leg knockout matches, he said:In my opinion it is not important. We’ll play whatever we have to, either to two or one. What I try to avoid is a giant killing and make sure that I motivate the players and make them aware that Real Madrid is Real Madrid and that things like that cannot happen. If we are to be knocked-out then it will be by a first division team who have a side that can compete with us. For me the most important thing is to win and I think it is the same for Real Madrid fans. Against Alcoyano we won and also some of the younger players got to play, JosĂ© made his debut … perfect. But it is only perfect because we won.”

Indeed, Mourinho was asked about the Castilla midfielder’s debut in last Wednesday’s match:I have not spoken to him. He trained yesterday with everyone who played. It is natural that after your debut you are on a bit of a high for a few days. It is normal. But life goes on and you need to keep training and work towards the possibility of playing more than you are doing.”

The coach was also asked about other players by name, the likes of Negredo, Mata and Soldado. With regards to the Real Madrid academy players, in the last press conference, he said: “The list that I made was for smart people. I talked about the 20, 30, 40 or 50 that came through the ranks and left. To end this story I will talk about three moments in Real Madrid’s history. The Champions League Finals in Amsterdam, Paris and Glasgow. In the first there were two academy players SanchĂ­s and RaĂșl. In the second there were two; RaĂșl and Casillas and in the last only one player from the academy was in the starting line-up; RaĂșl again. I have said that I have myself complete autonomy with my team and Toril does with his. So the issue is completely closed. I have an opinion that does not change, for example, JosĂ© Rodriguez, who you all like so much, does not play with Castilla but the 23 or 24 year old players do. To me it’s more important that he plays in the fourth, fifth or sixth team. It is about the players’ development.”

Finally, and as to whether he could imagine Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo, Mourinho said: “Yes, I imagine Real Madrid without any player. If Real Madrid was dependent on a single player or a coach it would be wrong. It would not be the club that it is. Real Madrid are bigger than any single person.”

Mou’s match list includes…..

Goalkeepers: Casillas, AdĂĄn y JesĂșs.
Defenders: Arbeloa, Varane, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Nacho, Carvalho y Albiol.
Midfielders: Kaká, Álex, Özil, Essien, Modric, Callejón y Di María.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, y HiguaĂ­n.

Mou also sat down with Ronda Iberia Magazine and shared his deepest, darkest, secrets from deep down in his Mouberry patch….sorry, I couldn’t help that one. 😛

The coach admits in the interview with Pablo FernĂĄndez that he is very comfortable in charge of Real Madrid and he feels the fans’ support: “I feel much more loved than people think. There are many fans, even of rival clubs, that admire me and respect me as a professional and as a person”. His vocation as a coach has been coming since birth and his life revolves around the ball: “I don’t remember the first time I went to a stadium because I was born in on a football field. The day my mother gave birth there was a very important match in my city (SetĂșbal). My father played in that match and had to run out of the pre-match team meeting to go to the hospital. And since then, all of my memories are linked to football.”

His father was a professional footballer and coach, and amongst the many pieces of advice he gave, JosĂ© Mourinho highlights “honesty. It seems dull to say that we must be honest in these times, but I really do think that it’s true. You have to be honest with yourself and with those around you. I try to apply it in my work and will keep doing so until the very end.”

Approaching his 50th birthday, the Portuguese confesses that he is not nostalgic, but he fondly remembers previous stages of his life: “Now, as I approach 50 years of age and my city is preparing a small tribute, I see some things differently. 50 is a round number with lots of meaning. Recently my wife and I have been looking back over the past. Just imagine! We started dating when I was 16 and she was 15. I remember everything we’ve been through and I can’t stop myself smiling.”

Speaking of the profession of being a football coach, the Real Madrid man says that “it is more and more difficult to be a coach”. He explains that to be one it is necessary to know about a lot more than just football:A coach today may not be the same as a coach 10, 20 or 30 years ago. It is a profession that is constantly evolving. The obligations of a coach go far beyond choosing 11 players, teaching tactics or make changes. I remember a conversation I had with a teacher on my first day at university. I was a very annoying student, I realise that. With subjects that I liked I went into great detail, really testing the teachers. But I hated the things that I did not find interesting. On my first day of classes at the ‘Universidad de EducaciĂłn FĂ­sica de Lisboa’ (Physical Education University of Lisbon) I had one of these subjects. I told the teacher: ‘I am studying to be football coach and I know not what I am doing in your class’. The teacher replied: ‘If you want to be a great football coach then you can’t only know about football’. He was right.”

Mourinho is a worldly-wise Portuguese man and reveals that one of his goals when he began training has been fulfilled:From a young age I knew that to progress in my career I had to go to other countries. It is necessary to travel and face new challenges to better yourself. When I started to train, I set myself the aim of working in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain. I’ve done that. When I finish my period at Real Madrid I do not know where my career will take me.”

A coaching position at a top level team is subject to a deal of great pressure, something that the Real Madrid coach has managed to adapt to well. He says that the good times outweigh the bad: “I have never thought about quitting. The moments of anguish you have on a social level are just that, moments. The moment that your son asks you not to go into school with him so he can continue his life calmly or when your wife tells you to stay in the car while she goes into a shop to buy something. They are very specific things. It is a small price I have to pay to have a profession that I am passionate about. My life is not a big drama.”

Mourinho also spoke about the influence that football has in society:Football is a unique social phenomenon. It is the most universal language. There are more people who speak the language of football than there are speakers of Spanish or English. It doesn’t matter on which continent; football is a global phenomenon and manages to bring together people of different races, cultures and religions. For this reason, our social responsibility is great. Today, any mistake a player makes has a huge significance. It is an added pressure. A current player has big responsibilities on his shoulders.”

The coach from SetĂșbal has shared many years of his life with elite athletes such as footballers and when asked if they are a good example for young people he said: “In many ways, yes, and in others, no. Me too, I am no longer 20 years old like them but I have made mistakes. As much emotional intelligence as you try to apply to your behaviour, there are times when you do not control your emotions and just make mistakes. The media also affects these situations. It is understandable, since the press is very competitive and is going through a difficult phase with the digital revolution. Maybe we should work together to make sure that the positive examples outshine the negative examples.”

JosĂ© Mourinho has his feet on the ground and lives in the reality of current times. About his children’s future he said: “I am lucky that my wife is a mother and a father to my children. We cannot hide the fact that in certain aspects they are privileged, but it is also difficult for them because of the very same things. My wife is the one who worries about them living in the real world. That said, I must admit that the world today is extremely tough.”

Finally, the Portuguese said that his best asset as a coach is to “always try to be the best. I’m constantly fighting with myself. Fortunately, I have won many titles and I have no kind of obsession in this regard. In any case, I think about others in the team more and more, my fans, my players. I think that that is what helps me do well.”

And off to the hotel they went! Ah I look forward to concentracion pics all week, the boys’ jolly faces are just too adorable. Hell, I’d be that fucking jolly too, if I knew I got to pack up my fave weekend bag & attend the hottest sleepover ever…& weekly, I might add! Seriously, they need to cut the spending on so many rooms, just book one huge room, & let everybody snuggle and post pics of that!

Lastly, here is this week’s Realmadrid Life video.

Happy Weekend & HALA MADRID!


6 Responses to “RM Get to Training, Presser-ing, Interviewing, & Concentratin’”

  1. Madridista14 November 2, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    What happened to Xabi?

    • maisoun November 3, 2012 at 12:01 am #

      He accumulated his 5th yellow so he’ll miss tomorrow’s match.

  2. Allison November 2, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    Thanks for obliging our fantasies, Xabi! Now let ‘s try it on Albiol… Chori with his black hair all bedheady, hands around a cup of coffee… *sigh*

  3. Phédre November 3, 2012 at 4:41 am #

    Great to have our Spartan back! But now Sergio again didn’t train and Essein didn’t either. They are called up though. I hope they are ok.

    • maisoun November 3, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

      I think they may be training indoors, I think Sergio is still feeling his muscle strain.

      • PhĂ©dre November 3, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

        That’s probably the case. I just hope he doesn’t force himself. He’s the kind of player that pushes himself and giving up is not in his book. It is CL next week though so he better rest now and be fit by tuesday.

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