Morata Sings and Scores

27 Sep

Bykj6svIEAAsGPMI’ll see the Morata-Buffon-Llorente threesome offered previously, and raise ya’ll a singing and scoring Morata! The singing was part of his Twitter chat, #AskMorata, which took place this past Thursday. His singing starts around the 0:36 second mark.

Those Italian lessons are paying off quickly.

Looking through the feed afterward, there were good questions, predictable questions, and lots of asshat questions. Like, really, you think he’s going to respond to questions about his sister? SMH. And one about who he would “do”: Marchisio, Llorente, or Cáceres? Please, a response is not going to happen. Though, for me, the order of the names provided is the perfect answer. Duh.

Anyway, Al let us know Kwadwo Asamoah is the funniest player on the team. In Italy, training is focused on running and tactics; in Spain the focus is on technique. It means more to him to win a game than to score. And his favorite Juventus player is Zlatan. Of course it is.

And with respect to scoring, congratulations are in order as Al scored his first Juve goal today with a magnificent header.

He received some Marchisio love and Chiellini smiles for his efforts.

Llorente love came post-game, since Al had replaced him on the pitch.

Sky Sports Italy conducted a brief post-game interview, where he had only good things to say about everyone (translation courtesy The Black n White Style):

I am very happy for the victory and for my first goal, things are getting better, it is not always easy to join a new club in a new country, I have to thank my team-mates. I am lucky to have a Spaniard like Llorente with me, he is a great player and an incredible person, he helps me a lot in everything. I am glad that Ancelotti considers me a good player; it is true what he has told, I was looking for new opportunities, trying to be more free. I can play in many roles, close to Llorente or backward, but what matters is to stay on the field.

And cycling back to singing, here is a video of the Juventus squad back in 2006 singing the club song Al attempted earlier. It’s got Zlatan, Buffon, Cannavaro, Zambrotta, Vieira, Del Piero, etc. It’s, ummm, quite an interesting version. Focus on the smiling, not the sound.


One Response to “Morata Sings and Scores”

  1. Suse October 1, 2014 at 5:08 pm #

    He’s just so pretty, I don’t care about the singing 😉

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