Well, Then…

6 Mar


I have been tied up with a project where the deadline was moved up 4 1/2 weeks so that hasn’t left me much time for soccer. However, the past week has clearly not been kind to Los Blancos. I have shook my fist at heaven and cursed at my TV. I’m sure you did the same. But there is always next year and we can’t win everything all the time (clearly). This too shall pass. A small antidote to the fuckery that actually made me crack a smile was this picture of Jese. Let those tiger asses soothe your soul, people! Tomorrow is another day. And as Jese says here, “If you dream about it, you can make it a reality.” So let’s start dreaming about a winning future for our boys. (And seriously, does he mean he dreamed that outfit into reality? Because…damn.)

Hala Madrid y nada mas!

– Lozil

One Response to “Well, Then…”

  1. M March 7, 2019 at 3:02 pm #

    I’ll accept anything. Losing is part of life and yes, we have serious issues that we need to deal with.

    One thing that I hope the hell does not happen is for Mou to come back. I hope and pray that Peres has more brains than that!

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