Anti-Sex Beard Tendencies, Training, Saluting Puyol, y Mas

4 Mar


Can everyone step AWAY from the big razor, please?? They’ve already got poor Albiol and Cesc! From bearded glory to teenage “price check on aisle 5” grocery boys. *cries* La Roja needs more sponsors that are Team Preserve The Sex Beard! You gotta love VdB’s “Go for my stache & I’ll cut a bitch” look though.


Yes, of course Albiol would be the one to break the visual pattern and hold his razor the wrong way smh


With everyone’s minds already on tomorrow’s match, those boys who attended the Shaved-Man, Beard Haters event dished on the meeting with Italy.

Iniesta: “The games against Italy are always very intense, especially since Italy is one of the great teams. ”

Iker: “When a team wins four World Cups, it’s for a reason. Italia is a team that is always ready and gives us many surprises.”

Cesc: “The match against Italy is a major review. Although it is a friendly we take a very serious, very professional manner.”

New kits, new pics. Everyone suited up in the new kit and got their pictures taken, but they really should have shut off those lights and seen if those thangs actually glow in the dark! They sure do look like they would…

Chattin’ it up with the press today was VdB, Jordi Alba, & Thiago Alcantara.




Vicente del Bosque, in the press conference prior to the friendly game against Italy, spoke about Diego Costa: “As normal as normal can be. He has adapted well to the squad. I haven’t noticed Diego Costa any different to the others. He has integrated into the group well.”
Regarding De Rossi not being picked after punching another player last weekend, he said, “If this thing could happen in Spain? It seems correct to me that he who attacks another is left out of the squad. I agree with Prandelli. This is about obeying the rules. In Spain the same thing could occur”.

Italy: “Whatever the result, I don’t think that it will affect the World Cup. I hope both teams play at the same level that they have done in the past.”

Friendlies: “I am not unhappy with the African friendlies. These three days are important to be in the national team and we have to be alert”.

Tight calendar: “There’s no solution. We have our games and our dates. Then we’ll have two games and for us it’s good that we have a stable group. And all the teams are at the same level.”

Puyol: “Carles is an example to us all both on and off the pitch. When he makes his decision, we will talk.”

Fernando Llorente: “He’s a player that we value highly, we like him. He’s playing well at Juventus but there is a lot of competition. Not everybody can come.”



Jordi Alba:

At his Spain press call on Tuesday, the first question posed to full-back Jordi Alba, was to ask for his thoughts about linking up with Atlético Madrid striker Diego Costa, with the Barcelona player delighted at the prospect of playing alongside him.

“We’ve welcomed him with our arms wide open and I think it’s great, because he’s a player I really love, the way he battles. For me and all of us, it’s incredible that we’ve got him here with us.”

Alba was then asked about his thoughts on the German team, widely considered to be one of the strong contenders to relieve Spain of their World Cup crown. The Barcelona player acknowledged they will be a powerful team, but insisted that it’s more important for his own team to focus on what they can do.

“I’m sure they’ll be very strong, because they always are at World Cup finals.”

“The most important thing will be for us to get there with strength, with good sensations, with enthusiasm to win the World Cup again and that’s what we’ll be trying to do. We have a great team and we just have to think about ourselves.”

Finally, given the announcement that Carles Puyol will hold a press conference at 4pm CET, possibly to announce his intention to leave Barcelona, Alba was asked for his thoughts.

“When I came into the national team and when I met him at Barca, the way he treated me was always fantastic. Puyol is a leader, everyone likes him and he’s a fantastic professional. I’ve not spoken with him about this, but for me, it’s always a privilege to work alongside him.”



Thiago Alcantara:

Thiago explained at a press call with the Spanish national team on Tuesday, that he’s keen to make a good impression on manager Vicente Del Bosque, ahead of the tough choices that will inevitably have to be made, when the final squad is being planned.

“I’ve come to enjoy my time with the national team, a team of guys that are monsters in football. It’s hard, but I’m here to stay as long as I possibly can.”

It’s not just individual ambitions that the player wants to realise, but also those of the team.

“Our team is there because it is one of the best and we want to be the best there too.”

There’s no doubts though, the opportunity for Thiago to feature at the World Cup in Brazil, would be a very special occasion, for many reasons.

“It’s the dream of any player, right from when they’re a kid. There’s still months ahead of the final fixture and the final squad call. I’m very excited about the idea of playing at the World Cup, not just because it’s in Brazil. My family roots are there, but football is something else, I’m excited about the finals, not just because it’s there.”

Looking at Wednesday’s friendly opponents Italy, Thiago highlighted that special attention will have to be paid to Pirlo and Balotelli.

“They’ve always been a competitive team. They have incredible players like Balotelli and Pirlo, who we’ll always have to be careful with. My dad has told me plenty of stories about when he was playing there and I know their football very well.”

As for having Diego Costa as a team-mate in the Spanish side, Thiago is pleased with the added quality the Atlético Madrid striker brings to the squad.

“It was a very difficult decision and of course, we support him, because we benefit with him having chosen to play with us.”

With the announcement that Carles Puyol will hold a press call at 4pm CET at Barcelona, possibly to announce he’s leaving the club, Thiago was asked for his thoughts about his former team-mate.

“He’s a natural leader, a guy whose name has always been tied to Barca. The time he’s spent there is an example, both on and off the pitch. We all know him and whilst Puyol remains in the world of football, he’ll also remain a great example for everyone.”


Yesterday, Xavi, Cesc, & Sergio trained in the gym, but they rejoined the squad for training today. Fuleco the armadillo and mascot of the 2014 WC, also attended the training session!

Hmmm…does Diego Costa already have a thing for The Ramos? Are those sweet nothings he’s whispering or is he taunting our Pony? Yep, I’ll go with the latter. I know VdB says he’s been welcomed with open arms but…..I think I’ll wait ’til the time comes for that piggy-back training drill and see if Diego is left hanging around without a partner. Mmmhmm, prepare to be the last one called, Costa! Juanfran is gonna be your only bud, because no one wants to play with him either. Ha!


And now for the social media round up. Half nekkid Cazorla posted this shot with Captain “My skin is as white as this jersey so what’s the point” Casillas.

Bh41_07IMAA_zSu.jpg large

Javi Martinez shared this pic of him with some of the players from the vision impaired Spanish football team.

Bh6edP1CAAE8dv7.jpg large

After Puyol’s presser today, revealing he’d be leaving Barca after this season & hinting that he also wouldn’t be competing in the WC this summer, many of his teammates took to twitter to share their thoughts and thank him for the memories.


Bh6aj-UCMAA7NqJ.jpg large

Pique shared this picture, calling Puyol his guardian angel.

Bh5Zln3CAAA994Q.png large

“There will never be another like him. Great Captain!”

Bh5V0HOIAAAyfpg.jpg large

“I will continue to enjoy being at your side until the end of this year, an honor. After that, all the best for you! There’s none like you Capi!”

Bh5QbJ6IMAAybWY.jpg large

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. For your help and advice. 3 more months to continue learning with you!”

Bh5jljQIIAA_Fjc.jpg large

“Thanks for what you have taught me captain. Good luck friend, you continue to enjoy!”

Bh63m3NCUAAhsBQ.jpg large

Here’s the last shot of the night, these knuckleheads watching some TV. I guess it’s a good thing they’re not as coordinated OFF of the pitch, because if Cesc and his hand gesture were on the other side of Iker & Sergio and THEIR hand gestures…well…ya. It’d be a totally different pic!

Pics & Videos via gfsports, infocasillas, & sefutbol.


One Response to “Anti-Sex Beard Tendencies, Training, Saluting Puyol, y Mas”

  1. jellyace March 5, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

    When I saw Diego Costa’s official team photo, I thought he looks like he was the last one picked. And as I scrolled down the post, there you said it, too! I didn’t watch the match, so how did he do?

    Sad to see Puyol go as he is one captain respected by all. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

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