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2015 WWC: Japan 2 – England 1: Heartbreak For The Lionesses

4 Jul

This picture kinda sums it up, doesn’t it? Continue reading

2015 WWC: It’s Award Time!

3 Jul

2660467_full-lndFIFA recently announced the shortlists for the three (3) major Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 award categories. These lists were created the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG). Why am I telling you this? It was the TSG which determined Messi was the best player and Neurer the best goalkeeper at last year’s World Cup. Uh huh. Still rolling my eyes hard about those selections. Continue reading

2015 WWC – Group C: Japan Vs. Cameroon (2-1)

13 Jun
Rumi Utsugi of Japan and Francine Zouga of Cameroon

Rumi Utsugi of Japan and Francine Zouga of Cameroon

Japan beat Cameroon (their first time facing an African team at the WWC) to be the first team to qualify for the round of 16. But the scoreline doesn’t reflect the fight that Cameroon put up. They certainly didn’t make it easy on Japan.  Continue reading

2015 WWC Group C Update: Day 1

9 Jun

Group CHow did you celebrate your 23rd birthday? Well, if you’re Gaëlle Enganamouit, you scored 3 of your team’s 6 goals in their first ever World Cup game and had a hand in creating the other 3. ::mic drop to end all mic drops:: Continue reading