Some Social Media Distraction

1 Oct

This is a fly-by post, as there’s so much to update that I don’t think I can back track that far. I’m also taking a break from writing a paper on Norse mythology while my roommate plays Destiny. He’s killing aliens and I’m writing about Thor. This really is Avenger Tower…

Jese posted the photo above with Red One on Twitter saying it was a great afternoon with the producer. Does this mean he’s back in the studio?! We can only hope that Big Flow is putting new music out soon! Though, I do prefer him back on the pitch even sooner.

Marcelo posted this photo with Baby Varane, Benz, and Keylor a few days ago. My inner hipster loves his glasses. It’s so goofily Marcelo.

And today he posted this photo of his adorable pup, Kiara, having a snooze. I see he’s still rocking the ugly yellow watch. The pup looks like a fighter. I can spot a couple of scratches, probably from fighting with the other pups.

Marcelo PupToday James, Bale, and Benzema all tweeted about their new boots for the next Champions League match. The match is against Ludogrets on Wednesday and they’re be, um, “rocking” some new Adidas kicks designed by Yohji Yamamoto. He’s the same guy that designed our third kit.


BenzemaI hate them. That’s really all I can say. They are ridiculously ugly and I’m sad that we no longer have the right fashion sensible voice on our squad to put the kabosh to these boots. Look at James. Even he doesn’t like them!

I’d like to end on a much better note.

Arbeloa, who’s been unusually quiet on social media lately, posted this photo with Raulito a little over a week ago on Instagram. I adore this little, chubby woobins!

View this post on Instagram

Raulillo.. 😍😍👣👣🏃🏃

A post shared by Álvaro Arbeloa (@17arbeloa) on

Look at that head of hair! What I do not adore is that shirt on Arbeloa. Maybe it’s the “Sup Bro” or that it’s Mickey Mouse. It just does not work for me.

He also posted this photo compilation from some charity work he did with an organization called Juega Terapia, which translates to “Play Therapy”. The caption reads: Today I was with my friends Juega Terapia seeing the kids at Hospital de la Paz. We really enjoyed it!

I had to look it up, as it’s not an organization I was familiar with. Juega Terapia collects, fixes, and delivers game consoles to children undergoing cancer treatment in order to provide them a little bit of a respite from the walls of the hospital. They also built a garden on the roof of Hospital de la Paz and plan to build one this year on the roof of Hospital 12 de Octubre. They’ve redecorated hospitals, brought kids to watch their favorite teams, organized concerts inside the hospital… They seem to do a lot of awesome things for these kids. You can check it out here. There’s no English version of the site but if you use Google Chrome you should be able to get the gist if you use the translation.

Good on you Alvaro!


2 Responses to “Some Social Media Distraction”

  1. Katie Ann October 1, 2014 at 8:45 pm #

    I’m laughing at James’ photo and your comments on it. Poor boy.

    The soccer-playing teenaged boys amongst my students are all obsessed with those cleats, though. So, while they might not be fashionable, they’re still “wicked sick.”

    • mygypsyspirit October 1, 2014 at 9:47 pm #

      They’re terrible. I take back every horrible thing I’ve said about Cristiano’s boots and apply everything to these.

      “Wicked sick” as in “they make me wicked sick.”

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