Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About!

7 Feb

Man oh man, it sure was good to see the boys returning to the form of earlier this season! It was a great game and tons of fun. It was fast paced with good crisp passing and damn…it was just such a RELIEF after the past few weeks (heck, month?) of lackluster play. HALA MADRID!

Kaka started things off at the 8th minute with a lovely left footed finish. It was wonderful to see him in the starting line up and scoring so soon. He’s definitely getting back up to speed.

Kaka scores!

Crissy was on fire today scoring at the 21st and 42nd minutes. He’s now tied again in goals with Messi. It’s going to come down to the wire on that pichichi!

I feel like I'm intruding on a very private Criska moment, don't you?

Lest we think there was no Crozil to be had today, here’s a little sample of the lovin’, touchin’ and squeezin’ that was on display.

A triptych of Crozil love

Oh Mesut, honey, you’re being just a leetle bit obvious there. Let someone else get their paws on him.  By the way, Khedergio were both out today (Sergio because of his yellow cards) and we had no Pirata love either. Oh, the heartbreak!

The second half was a bit slower and the boys seemed to be losing a bit of steam towards the end, but there were still some gorgeous chances. The bummer of the day came in the 72nd minute. Iker blocked a shot from Real Sociedad’s Tamudo, but it unfortunately rebounded off Arbeloa and into our net. Iker looked PISSED (and the whole table agreed: super hot) and was banging on the goal posts. Emo Boy strikes again! So now the score was 3-1.

Ozil scored a nifty little goal in minute 78 only to see it disallowed as offside. (It looked on to me)  That went over about as well as you would expect.


Manu (or “Manolo” as his new teammates have dubbed him) Adebayor tied things up tidily in the 89th minute with a final goal – his first in La Liga.

Manu and the ever adorable Marcelo celebrating

So there you have it. A beautiful 4-1 (shoulda been 4-0) result. Real Sociedad tried, but we were just seriously on point today. If we keep playing like we did in the first half, we should be able to give Barca a run for their money. HALA MADRID!

And now, it’s time to Put On Your Game Face!

Cris 'Charlie Browns' it. Is this is becoming a trend?

When I saw this in the thumbnail, I thought Crozil were holding hands! I mean, it's about time they started going steady, right? What will Kaka think?

Manu seems to be settling in nicely!

Crissy gets some crazy air

I'm sure the Spanish press will have Manu joining the cast of Everybody Hates Cris within about 2 weeks. They just can't help themselves, can they?

And now a wee little shot from Saturday training. “Why?” you may ask. Well, first, a day without a pirate is like a day without sunshine. Second, Sergio Canales came on for Ozil today and our table gave him a new nickname: Jailbait. Because, seriously, the boy looks like he is twelve. Anyhow, our pervy little pena made all sorts of inappropriate comments about the poor boy and if I ever remember them, I’ll share. You have to understand, I was dancing down the street singing “Hala Madrid” post-game while everyone was on their way to Super Bowl parties. My memory is…a bit hazy at the moment. I’ll update when the fog clears.

Pirate and Jailbait: A match made in pervy heaven.

So overall, a wonderful game and hopefully the first of many more like it! HALA MADRID!

You know who didn’t have such a good weekend though? A good chunk of the English Premier League. Holy hell, I couldn’t believe some of the things that went down. Saturday brought two shockers: Manchester United lost to WOLVERHAMPTON. Yeah, you heard that right. That’s worse than us losing to Osasuna. Then Arsenal blew a 4 goal lead and ceded 4 goals to Newcastle in 22 minutes to earn a draw. Unbelievable.

Today was the debut of Fernando Torres playing for Chelsea against Liverpool. The wound is still fresh for everyone so it was expected to be a powder keg of a match. The pub was completely packed. Nando was received about as well as could be expected by the Liverpool fans.

Um, yeah, they're not happy with you, Nando

It was really hard to see him in Chelsea blue. And you know what, he didn’t look too happy about it either. This had to be a really hard day for him as well. No matter how supportive Chelsea fans were, all this shit went down 6 days ago and he had to see his former teammates and play against them.  Daniel Agger didn’t seem to be taking it very well and clocked Nando in the face (Wa-tishista! DK’s beau texted her ‘NOT IN THE FACE, NOT IN THE FACE!’ because yeah, leave the face and ass alone, please!)

Nando receives a Marcia Brady, courtesy of Daniel Agger.

"Oh shit. What have I done?"

This picture made me incredibly sad. Nando looking lost flanked by former teammates Skrtel, Agger and Carragher. Even his bitchface is half-hearted.

Well, you make your choices and you live with them. I guess he got his baptism by fire out the way – making his Chelsea debut and against his “old” (as in last week) side.  It could have been worse – the match could have been at Anfield. That’s going to be hell on wheels when he plays there.  He was relatively ineffectual. He had two good chances in the first half but that was it. He was subbed out in minute 66 much to the delight of the traveling Liverpool fans. Then Raul Merieles scored a gorgeous goal for Liverpool and they managed to hold off Chelsea so Nando’s debut was a 1-0 defeat.  Liverpool had something to prove today and they certainly did that. As soon as the whistle blew, the camera immediately cut to Nando on the bench. He didn’t bitchface, he just looked lost. And very, very alone. It’s never easy being painted as the villain and I’m sure there were all sorts of behind the scenes stuff that we don’t know about that might possibly change some of our opinions of what went down with the transfer. If you get a moment, read Sid Lowe’s excellent article about the whole balagan. To go from being idolized to loathed in less than a week is quite a burden to put on young shoulders – he’s only 26 – a baby, really. But if you play for big stakes and take big risks, you have to be prepared to deal with big pressures. Nando doesn’t strike me as the most confident person at the best of times. He seems to get rattled easily and it clearly shows when he is. I hope that he can pull himself together, for his own sake, and not let all this throw him into a tailspin.

Onwards…we have national team games to look forward to on Wednesday (a listing of RM players called up is below) and the regular La Liga game against Espanyol on Sunday.

National Team Call Ups for February 9, 2011

Germany (Ozil, Khedira) vs. Italy

Argentina (Garay, Gago, Di Maria) vs. Portugal (Cristiano Ronaldo, Carvalho)

France (Benzema, Lass) vs. Brazil (Marcelo)

Spain (Casillas, Albiol, Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso) vs. Colombia

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  1. SierraGutierrez July 25, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    Looking back at this now, it was all downhill from here for poor Nando… 😥

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