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International Break Means Get Your Worst Outfit Ready…

13 Nov


…at least for Sergio it does. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Is. He. Wearing. Dear Lord, just when you thought you’ve seen the worst from him!

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Bye, Bye, Bayamon

16 Aug

Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion. Let it NOT sink back in the ocean. Ok I’ll be up front about this, I was hoping Puerto Rico would score at least one goal – I ain’t looking to be accused of being a bad Puerto Rican – and they did! See? You can love your team and their opponent once in a while. La Roja still came away with the win, big surprise, and all is good. Santi Cazorla & Cescy scored with a one-two punch of goals late in the 1st half and Marc Cintron came away looking like a hero! Continue reading

Goals on Goals on Goals

2 Jun


Sorry these are coming at you so late, but here are the lovely pics & gifs & vids from La Roja’s friendly against South Korea! This second friendly was a much better showing than the first, match by match the boys are working better together and most importantly….NANDO SCORED!!! WOOT WOOT! He says he’s got the right stuff..I can see it in his walk, tell it when he talk, can see it in everything he does, even in his thoughts…ok, I don’t know his thoughts but he says he’s in the best form ever and I hope he gets his chance to prove himself. Do it for Sergio, Nando! Ok, onward. To the post. Continue reading

A Friendly 2-0

28 May

On Saturday, we said hello to the many new faces of La Roja and yesterday we said goodbye to most of them. All the newbies got some play time and took the spots of either the injured or those still on club duty, which is why it was no surprise that it took some time to figure out how the team was going to work and get the job of winning done. They succeeded in the end, with the subs at halftime making the major difference. With two more friendlies to go, the boys have got two weeks to get the Spanish machine running perfectly! Continue reading