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Updated: Zlatan Ibrahimović: Made By Sweden Teasers

25 Jan

Bel7HR7CAAAUhR9Please indulge me a post about my 2013 Drool Amnesty. Volvo Sweden is premiering a doc about Zlatan called “Made By Sweden” tonight (you know what I’ll be doing…) and the teasers have been spectacular. Updated: It’s not a documentary, it’s a 2 minute ad but it’s EPIC!
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Training, More Tennis, Men’s Health Finds 2 New Cover Boys & More

10 May

Sorry about the earlier double post. That’s what happens when you have two people in different cities working on the same blog. I had an open post that I hadn’t saved so Maisougio couldn’t see mine and I didn’t see her’s until after I hit ‘publish.’ So you got the happy news twice! This is going to be another quickie as a work project just rolled in.

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The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Victor Valdes

30 Apr

9766-victor-valdes-revista-dt_6We’ve come to the end of Drool Amnesty. I’m sorry that I couldn’t fit everyone’s in to the month – but we’ll save some for next time. Maybe we need to have at least a week of Amnesty twice a year? Anyway, Victor Valdes was the number one request for Drool Amnesty. I think watishista mygypsyspirit expressed it best (and most hilariously) as to what makes Valdes the essence of Drool Amnesty: “I just want to have hate sex with him. I’d make him wear the Barca jersey just to intensify my epic hate. His brow makes him look angry at all times and I would use that to my advantage. I’d whisper Di Maria’s name in his ear just to piss him off. Remind him he’s still third choice for Spain, and that Fernando Torres scored against him in Champions League. The angrier the better….Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Ashley Cole

28 Apr

ashley-cole-inset-picWatishista la-la posed this question “I’m wondering if Ashley Cole counts as a guilty pleasure; for sure he’s a beautiful man, but does his (alleged?) terrible sexual morals and twattish behavior (‘I nearly crashed my car’ etc) make him unattractive?” I reassured her that it’s okay to confess love for a douchebag during Drool Amnesty. Chiming in was watishista Jenny (“Send him to a doctor for an STD test and it should be fine.“).

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Marko Arnautović

27 Apr

MarkoArnautovic_2900742Watishista themoehre suggested Marko. Known for his bad behavior (no less than Jose Mourinho said he “is a fantastic person but has the attitude of a child“) which culminated in a training ground brawl with a Werder Bremen teammate last month, he seems like a perfect candidate for Drool Amnesty.

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Adrian Mutu

26 Apr

efieexTalented but troubled, Mutu is a classic bad boy. Drugs, breach of contract, doping, boozing, international bans, battling with Mou (lord, did he really think he’d win that argument?), etc. make him a definite Amnesty candidate.

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Iker Muniain

25 Apr

a42cf09ae3906b12337ea5f06c004effWatishista Ola nominated Iker: “my guilty pleasure may be Bart Simpson from athletic bilbao;-) strange hairstyles,pocket size and sense of humor makes Muniain kind of adorable for me…”  Iker has got himself a wee wild side as well.

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: John Terry

24 Apr

31266354I can already hear the blood curdling screams as another controversial figure appears (fair enough, I’m with you) but folks, that’s the whole point of Drool Amnesty! Here’s watishista Laurean’s rationale: “Ugh my guilty pleasure is probably John Terry. I can’t help but find him hot! But I still want to smack him lol. His bromance with Lampsey is my fave in the premier league.”  I gotta admit that particular bromance begat my all time favorite Futbol Text From Last Night.

Watishista Jenny found us something redeemable about John (not that it excuses all the bad behavior, mind): “I would not screw him, but he pays, out of his own salary, for Chelsea’s women’s team because the board was going to disband them as a cost-saving measure. I like that about him. ”  From the looks of this article, he doesn’t foot the entire bill, but he’s a big help and also acts as their president.

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Carles Puyol

23 Apr

Boy oh boy do ladies love Captain Caveman! Here’s a fantastic conversation by three watishistas who nominated him. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Jese Rodriguez

22 Apr

Real Madrid's Jese Rodriguez reacts after missing a chance to score during their friendly soccer match against Leicester City in Leicester Watishista Ola had this to say: “Ok. After a long deliberation I came up with these: Jese Rodriguez (I heard he’s very rebellious,you know that story about kicking and spitting at opponent…) but i still find him cute…”